April 6th

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

This was the day that I was able to sneak through the streets back to my own house, only to find that the zombies had finally breached it, which hadn’t happened since they murdered my Mother. What I found broke my heart. I couldn’t be completely, one hundred percent sure, but I think that Ellen, Penelope and Mandy all met their end in the living room. It was hard to tell, because no one was exactly whole, and I didn’t have faces to go by, but through my tearing eyes and the wave of vomit that added to the gore of my living room floor, I was able to recognize enough clothing for three women.

I didn’t know how to cope. I know that I was strong when my Mother died, but back then I had help. Now, literally everyone I lived with was either missing or pieces of corpses on my living room floor. I didn’t think I would ever see someone I cared about dead on another floor in my house again, and to have absolutely all the other girls ripped apart and smeared into my carpet was too much for me to handle. I tore through the house, checking around corners for flesh-eaters that would like to end my life as well, and grabbed my large backpack from my room. I tossed a few changes of clothing into it, and this diary somehow made its way to the bottom of the pack over time, since I was not using it. I raided what I could from the kitchen, loaded up on water, and got the hell out. For once in my entire life, I didn’t lock the front door.

I had managed to sleep the previous night in a house that had already been abandoned, after killing the one straggling zombie that followed me there. There were tons just coming around the corner when I plunged a stick of metal into its head and barred the door of the foreign household. Fortunately, the masses pressed past that neighbourhood by the morning, and I was able to escape and carefully pick my way back to my own house, a few blocks over. I saw no sign of Nick. I didn’t see anyone I recognized, although I did step over quite a few pieces of presumably different people. If it was one person, they were spread over three blocks, and I haven’t known zombies to waste flesh in a way that reminds me of an even more morbid Hansel and Gretel.

I remember thinking to myself that maybe The Council had found an effective way to herd the zombies and get them out of town before destroying them, which would be better than having to kill them then do a check of each of the corpses in the streets. For all I know, they did just that. All I really know is I made it to the place I used to call home, found the rest of my roommates in various stages of decay, packed my bag and left. I located one of what I assume were several open parts of the town barricade, walked out and only looked back once, to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I remember letting my bag carelessly drop to my feet as I looked at my town. That was the farthest I had ever been from town limits in my life to that point. I could see parts of the town were on fire. I could hear people screaming. I could smell the stench of death. I remember crouching down, pulling the strap that keeps my sleeping bag in place a little tighter, swinging the bag back on my shoulder, and uttering “Goodbye,” as I turned on my heal and walked away. I don’t know if that piece of the world has gotten back on its collective feet. I have no way of knowing that unless I turned around and went back, but I decided in that moment that there was nothing left for me there anymore.



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