April 4th

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Mandy wasn’t kidding when she was talking about how completely adorable those kittens are. There are six in the litter, and every single one has huge eyes that make me want to take each of them home with me. We saw them when I walked with the girls on their way to school, since I was headed in that direction any way to visit The Centre. The owner seems really nice, but his family already has several cats that they have taken in, and they cannot afford another six mouths to feed, even if they are tiny, adorable and ridiculously fluffy.

As we left the kittens, each of the meowing after us, to get the girls to school on time, Mandy asked how I would feel about her adopting one or two of them. I told her that she would have to responsible for them for the rest of their lives – much like being a parent – and that I felt that if she were to adopt, she should adopt two of them, since it is not really fair to split them all up individually, but I don’t think we have the space for six cats. I also told her that she has to seriously consider everything to do with this commitment – feeding, watering, training, medical care and poop duty, as well as affection and making sure they never feel neglected. I told her to think about it and we would talk about it again after school.

At The Centre, I did a quick warm up, lifted some free weights and made sure to stretch as many muscles as I worked before leaving. The weather is getting better as spring progresses, and I took a walk around the neighbourhood – purposefully taking random corners instead of the easier route home – just to enjoy the sunshine. Before I knew it, I had to stop and ask directions back to the main drag, because I had let my mind wander and had no idea where I was. After quite a few blocks in one direction, I realized I’ve overshot my street by a really long distance, and what would have been a 15 minute walk turned into more than a 90 minute walk.

In any case, it just made lunch taste even better, and I basked in the sunshine from the porch while scarfing it down and enjoying how things are going. I never would have guessed when I started writing this journal that three months later I would be working for myself, volunteering, living with a house full of people and instructing a different group of people on how to run to improve their health. Somehow that seems very different from a girl who worked in a smoothie shop, lived alone in her dead Mother’s house and had never kissed a boy. I’m guessing that 2023 is going to be one of my best years, and I’m excited to see what else happens – assuming that there is more of the good stuff instead of constant breaches, more zombies breaking into my house and boys who confuse the hell out of me and then disappear without a trace.

I hope Andrew is okay, where ever he is, and that he finds something to make him happy. I think he found a little of that in our town, but maybe he always felt something was off or missing, and that’s why he is trying something new. I know the guy can take care of himself, but my well-wishing doesn’t take anything away from his independence. I just wish he would have said goodbye, instead of leaving abruptly and causing so many people to worry about whatever happened to him. He’ll figure things out eventually, but if he is out in No Mans Land, between towns, and dies, I just hope it is a clean kill and he doesn’t come back with a hankering for human flesh.



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