April 3rd

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Although a few names from the list of people who attended the first week weren’t able to be checked off when I took attendance, there were some new faces at the Running Club meeting that more than filled those vacancies. A few more people who use the gym at The Centre saw the posters over the past week, and a few more students decided to join their friends to see what all the fuss is about. All in all, I think the meeting was really successful – almost everyone was able to get out and run on their own at least once since the last meeting, and the newcomers seemed enthusiastic.

I realized during the meeting that accountability might also play a part in keeping people coming back to the club; not everyone joined for the health factors, but I hope everyone stays when they realize how much running can improve their quality of life. I decided that everyone, by next week, should choose a partner from the group, and if at all possible, try to do their out-of-club-meeting running with that person. I’ve also decided that I can use these teams to form groups and do challenges that keep people motivated and interested. Sure, it’ll take some organizing, and I’ll have to be sure not to put all of the fastest runners in one group (which is why I’ll be recording run times in the coming weeks). I figure faster runners will be able to encourage the slower runners on their teams.

So, obviously, I’m enjoying this new club, and I’m kind of getting a kick out of having so many people look to me for instruction. I made sure to take everyone through a good stretch after we all ran, and explained that warming and up stretching are two completely different things – which even some of the gym members didn’t realize. I want to keep injuries to a minimum, because they aren’t any fun and I don’t want anyone to complain that my club is hurting people.

Penelope couldn’t stop talking about Running Club and its members over dinner, to the point where Nick asked if I was drugging people somehow to get them excited about what appears, from the outside, to be a really boring task. I explained that it is more than just running in circles – it is social, it is health competition, and it often results in what Mother’s magazines call a “runners’ high” – so I guess he was sort of correct, even though I’m not spiking any water bottles. He was still a little skeptical, so I invited him to join us next week, if he wasn’t working, or suggested that he could come along on one of my personal runs if he was up to the challenge. I should have known that would be the way to hook him in – give him a challenge, and he has to prove that he can do anything a tiny girl like myself can do. I think the poor guy is going to be seriously out of breath when he follows me around the field on Wednesday.

I gracefully allowed Mandy to change the subject once I realized that she was not only looking bored with the conversation, but a little hostile – which I attribute to the jealousy of Penelope and Justin being in the Running Club together, and having their own “special” thing that they do together. Mandy wanted to talk about the litter of kittens she saw on her way home from school, and if I’m not careful, I might be getting some furry tenants in the near future. Obviously, I don’t object to cats – I was thinking about getting some myself – but I would just want to make sure that Mandy was serious about her pet ownership before committing to adopting a kitten, because they do require feeding, medical attention and poop-scooping duties, unless she trains the cat to go outside.



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