April 2nd

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Half the club showed up at the gym today, which means my volunteer shift was much busier this week than my first week. I spend a lot of time explaining different machines and giving tips on proper lifting positions/form, but it was really good to see so many people are still excited about getting fit. I think that over time we will really start to get to know each other, and that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling (even if I had a mostly sweaty feeling while in the gym with everyone). Even Penelope came with me, although she obviously didn’t stay for the whole shift. She put in a really great effort, though, as did everyone else I saw there, so I am really pleased with how things are progressing.

Many people thanked me for the programs I passed on to them via Penelope or through the board at The Centre, and I answered a few questions and clarified a few things for people regarding their plans. The biggest thing I stressed was that people have to actually get out there and go running. It almost doesn’t matter how fast people run at the beginning, as long as they make the habit of actually going for a run and make that into something they do automatically. Then, as long as people apply themselves, they will always get faster, stronger and better. This is true of pretty much any new hobby, and it amazes me how much people get caught up in details. They want to know exactly what to do, to the point where they spend all their time researching and thinking about how to do it instead of just getting out there and doing it.

Ellen had another day off today and surprised me by making dinner for everyone, which was really delicious. I also left The Centre a little later than I anticipated, so I was extremely grateful that she wanted to help out. She said that she doesn’t have the urge to cook very often, but after spending so much time helping people rebuilt their lives, she couldn’t sit still in the empty house all day and wanted to do something to help our own house. I sure didn’t complain, and since she’s a pretty decent cook, no one else did either. Nick even refused to let me do the dishes, so he took care of all of that.

It is really awesome that we are all getting along so well. If we weren’t, no one would ever feel the want to help out and would be insulted at the thought of doing something that I indicated was part of the rental fee, so I think I made the best possible choice when it came to my tenants. Even though Mandy and Penelope had a little bit of a fight a while ago, they were still able to make up, which isn’t always the case when a boy comes between teenage girls. I remember there was a whole saga of fighting between previous best friends when I was in high school. I tried not to pay any attention to it, because I found it petty and it had nothing to do with me, but even as a social outcast, I couldn’t help overhearing the gossip and tales of back stabbing. In the end, I think the boy broke up with the one girl in favour of someone who wasn’t even in the love triangle, and the other girl was bitter for a while but eventually they made up – and started fighting again as soon as the other girl got her own boyfriend. Honestly, I don’t know how people can live their lives with so much hatred and jealousy instead of just being happy for each other.

Tomorrow’s Running Club meeting should be interesting – I’ll get to see how many people are still serious about it and who has been getting out on their own time to get their runs in.



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