March 31st

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The Thursday and Friday supervisors seem nice, although both of them seem to be fulfilling some begrudging duty to the community rather than actually taking advantage of using the gym while they are there. That’s fine, but both of them are getting on in years and could probably benefit from getting a little more motion into their days, instead of reading their romance novels and doing crosswords (Wednesdays is an old woman with a stack of Harlequins whereas Thursday is a man with a book of crosswords, and I have a feeling that if they actually met they might get on really well).

My workouts for the past couple of days have been a little less intense than Tuesday, and although I have felt them a little bit each morning, I no longer want to toss my limbs in a cold bath to numb the pain, so I must be on a better track. If I’m lucky, I might see a few people from the Running Club at the gym during my shift on Sunday, which would be fun. I know that ultimately they would be there to work on their health and fitness, but a small part of me likes to believe they would be there to visit with me.

I was glad to get in a long run and a full workout today, since it was threatening to rain when I was on the way to the field, but it held off until I finished and got to The Centre. It was still coming down really hard when I was done, but at least it wasn’t a cold rain, so I didn’t feel like I had caught pneumonia when I got home and hopped in the shower.

I’ve got tons of extra energy and have no idea where else to put it, so I am putting together a sort of “Thank Goodness It’s Friday” feast for everyone tonight. I’ve even been smart enough to clean the dishes while preparing everything, so the kitchen doesn’t even look like I’ve been baking and mixing up side dishes and a roast all afternoon. Everyone should be home from work and school/study sessions in about a half hour, which means they will be right on time for when the roast gets out of the oven and can help me carry things into the dining room after washing up. I feel like I have gone a little light on meal preparation and execution in the last little while, so I think this will be a pleasant surprise for everyone. I sure hope they are hungry.

If I finish this entry quickly enough, I should have time to run the clean laundry upstairs and change into something that isn’t covered in various cooking spills. I know I’m in my own house, but sometimes it feels good to look good, even if it is just your housemates who will see you. Plus, it adds a layer of amazement to the mix – I was able to do my run, go to the gym, do laundry, clean the common spaces, do the dishes and prepare an amazing feast, all while still managing to look like it didn’t cost me a drop of sweat.

I think this is what pride feels like. I have my life in order, and I’m happy and healthy. I don’t know that there is much more I can ask for, nor anything else that I would really want in my life right now. My tenants are happy and contributing to the community – either by learning so they can help save the world after graduation or rebuilding families’ lives and reinforcing the barricade – and I am supporting them but still keeping time and hobbies for myself while throwing in some social life just for good measure. With all that is going right, should I be worried that sometime in the near future something will go horribly wrong?



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