March 29th

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The girls had scowls on each of their faces when they left this morning, so I guess I am hoping they will make up on the way there. Or even at school, during a class for all I care. I just want them to be friends again. Penelope barely smiled at me when I gave her the rest of the training packages for the people at her school – such a strange change from the day before.

Speaking of being friends again, I hope my arms get back to loving me at some point, because it hurts even writing this entry. I guess I might have overdone it slightly at the gym yesterday, although the magazines tell me that it is a good thing if you have some muscle soreness the day after a big workout, as long as you are still able to function. I guess today will be my rest day, even though I was excited to meet the Wednesday supervisor. I guess I will meet him or her next week, and I’ll have to learn how not to overdo it when I do go to the gym.

I’m not injured or anything, but I think if I picked up one more weight, I would be in bed all today. Oh well, this just means that I have an excuse to lounge around the house. Ellen is starting work late today, so we had breakfast together and she told me a little bit about the work she is doing. It is mostly cleaning up and repairing things that were damaged, although she will be painting the outside of the house today. I guess it is better to paint when there is a lot of sunshine, and it is cloudy this morning with very little wind, which means the paint would take longer to dry – or something like that. I sort of understood what she was talking about when she was saying it, but it doesn’t seem to make as much sense now that I am writing it down.

My work out clothing is all folded and making me feel guilty by staring at me from the end of my bed, but even the fitness magazines agree that taking a rest day now and then is very beneficial. I guess I should remember to pass that information on at the Running Club at next Monday’s meeting. It feels counterproductive to sit and do nothing instead of keep training to get stronger and faster, but this is a part of training that I will learn how to get used to. You would think that is would be the easiest part to get used to, but once I start moving, I want to keep going.

Nick mentioned last night that they are making great progress at reinforcing the barricade. It is going to be a really long project, but they are working at a decent speed while still paying close attention to detail. I like that. It makes me feel a little safer, even though the pessimistic part of me knows that there will be another breach. It might not be soon (and I would be completely fine with that) but I know it will come one day. I didn’t mention this to Nick, though. It would be like telling someone building a house of cards that there will always be gusts of wind to undo their masterpiece; it is only a matter of time. I don’t want to discourage all the hard work everyone is putting into rebuilding the community. I also try to keep the discouraging thoughts out of my head, but at least when they pop in there, I don’t share them with everyone else. If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. I assume that bit of wisdom came from my Mother, although I cannot remember an actual incident where she might have imparted that nugget of knowledge. Maybe I heard it on one of her programs. For all I know, I got it from one of the billion fitness magazines I have read or reread this week.



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