March 28th

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I sent a few of the programs and journal samples to school with Penelope, and, as I expected, Mandy has shown interest in joining the group. I explained what was involved, and even though she is the type of girl who doesn’t seem to like to get her hands dirty, let alone sweat and mess up her hair, she wants to come along. I guess she really does like that Justin guy, or she is jealous of Penelope somehow. Either way, the more the merrier – I really hope.

I took my own run this morning after the girls went off to school and Nick and Ellen went off to work, then I swung by The Centre to use the gym. I’m pretty lucky that as Sunday supervisor, I get free access on the other days – although, the passes really aren’t that expensive, and I am making a fair share of money from my tenants, even after expenses. Maybe I will make a donation, if I end up using the gym a lot. Anyway, I enjoyed meeting another supervisor and I think my arms are going to be sore tomorrow from lifting all of that weight. I used to think that doing all of that physical work would make me tired, but I felt great afterward, and even better after showering and having a peanut butter and banana sandwich when I got home. Once I’ve made dinner and everything is cleaned up, I’ll have to finish everyone else’s plans, so no one thinks I am playing favourites with the ones who already have theirs. Most of them are the same, but I like to put a few personal touches on each of them.

For now, though, I am enjoying having an empty house to relax in. The humming from the dryer, where my workout clothing is currently spinning round and round, is surprisingly soothing. I might actually just have a little nap on the couch. There is a great ray of light coming in the window that is lighting up most of the couch, but my head is just out of the light and I am too relaxed to get up…

Oh boy. I was woken up to the sound of Mandy and Penelope arguing. It looks like the love triangle story was not in my head. Justin asked Penelope to go for coffee to go over details of the Running Club, and Mandy is mad at Penelope for going because “Penelope knew she wanted Justin to ask her out”. Then Penelope accused Mandy of not ever thinking of her feelings and how she has liked Justin since the first day of school and Mandy always feels entitled to everything Penelope wants. I felt I should step in before they started throwing things or the neighbours overhead and thought they were screaming about a breach instead of a boy.

Unsurprisingly, I was told to keep my nose out of their business, but I still made the point that if Mandy wanted to go on a date with Justin, she should have asked him, and if Justin wants to have coffee with Penelope, then she should be allowed to go if she wants. I told them, “it’s been clear to me for quite some time that both of you have a crush on Justin, but just because he likes one of you more than the other doesn’t mean you have to fight about it”. That really didn’t go over well, and they screamed a little more at each other before going to their separate rooms. I visited Penelope first, telling her she shouldn’t feel badly that Mandy feels left out. I visited Mandy and told her that she’s beautiful, she’ll find another boy, and that even though she doesn’t want to hear it, I could tell ages ago that Penelope liked him as well. Technically, Penelope didn’t go behind Mandy’s back, as it was Justin that ultimately choose who to ask to coffee. I think they are going to make up, but it looks like that will wait until morning.



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