March 27th

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The meeting was amazing! There were about twenty people there (I got them to write down their names and contact information, so I can keep track of everyone). Most were students that Penelope had invited, although there were a couple who saw my signs at The Centre. I let them know that the gym is open on Sundays, now, which made one woman really happy – I guess she is a regular. Surprisingly, everyone seemed enthusiastic about the whole meeting. I kind of feel like someone is playing a very elaborate joke on me, but for now, I’m just going with it.

My suspicious about the lack of real physical education at the school were not far off – there are physical education classes, but they are very lax and students are feeling like they are caged up in our town. I bet this will help them all feel a little bit better about living in our special brand of captivity.

Anyway, even Justin, that boy from the study party, was there, which seemed to delight Penelope. I wonder what Mandy will think about that, and whether or not she’ll start showing up as well. I have no idea if there is anything actually going on between any of them, but, at least in my mind, I can just see this turning into a teenage drama. One thing is certain – at least the leading man is kind of cute, as well as a decent athlete, from what I saw. If he keeps coming to the running club, he might really create something worth fighting over – considering he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

Besides the people who are regulars at the gym I didn’t even realize existed, everyone else is around the beginner level – only a couple of students who came to the meeting could be considered obese, and I’m glad they had the courage to come out. Many, I felt, were underweight more than anything, which probably has to do with the lack of excellent food sources to choose from in our town, or the lack of knowledge about nutrition. Perhaps I will attempt to add some of that knowledge from Mother’s magazines to the meetings, once I can make heads or tails of it. Sometimes I read one thing in one magazine, but then something that says the opposite in another article. It is a wonder that anyone figured out anything while reading these magazines, even though it seems very simple in principle – eat nutritious food and don’t eat junk. How hard is that to understand?

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like people feel it is easier to buy meals that are premade, and they seem like they are a better value for people’s money because you don’t have to prepare them. If people knew basic cooking skills, like I learned from Mother, then they would know it is cheaper and healthier to buy the ingredients and make it yourself. I’m not saying she was a chef, and not everything I’ve ever created in the kitchen has been worth making ever again, but part of the reason I can offer meals to the tenants is because I know my way around a kitchen. Too many people prefer foods that come in a bag or box instead of from the vegetable or fruit stand.

In any case, I’m glad it went well and I decided that we’ll meet once a week – Monday seemed to work well for everyone. I said I would make up some samples for running logs and some suggestions for routines, which Penelope can deliver at school or people can pick up from the notice board at the gym in The Centre. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone improve little by little.



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