March 26th

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

My shift of supervising at the gym was awesome! There were only a couple of people who came in, and both of them seemed to know what they were doing, so I didn’t have to answer any questions or save anyone from squashing themselves. Instead, I got to spend my time trying out the equipment and working on a few exercises that I want to do with the running club, assuming people actually show up tomorrow.

I told everyone about the gym during dinner, and how it was actually energizing to lift some heavy weight. Most of them think I am crazy, but I think I might be seeing Penelope there during my shift next week. She and Mandy seem to be getting on a little better these days, but I think she wants a hobby to herself, which I completely understand. When you are in a “couple” type relationship, be it romantic or best friend, it can seem like you only do things that both of you want to do because you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feeling by saying you need space to do things that they are not interested in, but it can be beneficial to the relationship.

Okay, I’ve been reading too many of Mother’s old magazines, and I fear that bit came from one that had horrible fitness information, but that tidbit seems to make a lot of sense. Obviously, I cannot speak from personal experience, but I can see the logic behind it all.

I even took my run this morning before going to The Centre to start my first supervisor shift, and I am confident that I might be able to teach the fundamentals to whoever shows up tomorrow. I have no idea what kind of fitness level I will be dealing with, but I can always adjust plans to individuals so everyone gets the best out of their time. It would make sense if people could get out a few times a week to run, but I don’t think we all have to do it at the same time each time – maybe we can do just the one meeting a week and then everyone else can run when it suits their own schedule.

I must remember to suggest that people keep a log of their running – something I am horribly at myself – but it can really show you in black and white if you are getting better or not. Writing down the time of day you ran, how long, how many laps, how you felt after, and all of that kind of thing can help people figure out what they are doing right or wrong. I’ve actually started my own log, and hope to make it a habit, much like writing in this journal.

I honestly cannot believe I am still writing every day. I figured that I would have run into some excuse by now (something understandable, but an excuse nonetheless) that would have prevented me from keeping up with it. I guess keeping it right next to my bed, so I see it when I get up and when I am trying to go to sleep, has helped. I tend to write at night, but it reminds me in the morning that I better do something worth writing about, because there is nothing more boring about writing about doing the laundry than possibly reading about someone doing the laundry. I mean, a few of my entries are like that, and if all I have managed to accomplish throughout the day is do the laundry and get the house clean, fair enough, but if that was all this journal was, day in and day out, I wouldn’t be able to keep writing it. I would be far too bored with recording the details of a very dull life.



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