March 24th

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Well, Penelope took some signs to the school and I put some up at The Centre, so we’ll just have to see how many people actually show up on Monday, and how many are still interested after the initial meeting. I’ve been combing through Mother’s old fitness magazines, but they all tend to say basically the same things: keep hydrated, make sure you stretch afterwards, try increasing your stamina by alternating walking and running but increasing the amount of time running every week until you can run for a whole 20 minutes without stopping. I guess that is basically what I was doing before, but I didn’t time it or anything – I just ran until my lungs or legs felt like they were burning, then walked until I felt better, at which point I returned to running.

It will also be interesting to see what people are wearing when they show up. I don’t know how many people in town actually have fitness clothing, since “working out” to keep in shape isn’t exactly popular here. Sure, there is a small gym filled with weights at The Centre, but I don’t ever see that many people in there. I have been thinking that maybe I’ll try to volunteer there, mostly so I can start using the facilities. One of the tips I keep seeing in the fitness magazines that I didn’t know was to cross train – I have been doing cardio training, and stretching afterward, but it is also beneficial to do strength training. There are lots of body weight exercises that I plan to use with the Running Club, but training at the weight room could be a fun pastime, especially since running used to be my “me” time, and now it will come with extra responsibilities and people. Not that I mind, but I feel like I need to add another activity that is purely mine, just to keep the balance.

Nick and Ellen are starting to look a lot better – more rested and more human, which is excellent because I was really starting to worry about their health. They are still working hard, but I think that now that the initial rush of getting the breach completely fixed is over, the cleanup crews are realizing that they need to work shorter hours if everyone is going to last through the whole process of re-enforcing the wall without burning out or getting injured. The new family that Ellen is helping seems to be less demanding, too, and they even offered to feed her lunch as part of her duties, so she doesn’t have to pack anything in the morning. I really think she is enjoying what she is doing.

Mandy seemed a little taken aback when I handed the flyers to Penelope to take to school this morning. I’m pretty sure that she hadn’t heard of the proposed club before, so I played up as though Penelope was really doing me a favour and she had no prior commitment in it. I really hope there isn’t a giant rivalry going on, and that it is all in my head, because this would be no time for them to have a falling out. Sure, they could always make new friends if they wanted, but none who come from where they come from, nor with whom they grew up and shared their tragic past.

All in all, things seem to be looking up around here, which is something we all need. I let Nick and Ellen know about the meeting on Monday, which like means that dinner will be either something I leave in the slow cooker for people to have whenever they want or some form of leftovers – it all depends on what I make over the weekend, and how long the meeting lasts. I’ll have lots of time to make dinner if only a couple of people show up.



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