March 23rd

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Penelope asked around at school to see if there was anyone who would be interested in joining a Running Club, and got a resounding “yes” from quite a few students. I guess I should figure out when to fit this into the weekly schedule. Maybe I can contact The Council about putting together an actual race (that way people would be warned ahead of time, and we could block off a few streets so we have more space to run during the event).

I wonder if the Physical Education classes have gotten extremely lack-luster since I finished high school, considering how many kids are jumping at the chance to do something as repetitive as running. Even though I personally like it, I remember lots of student who hated it because it didn’t vary – you just keep putting one foot in front of the other until the teacher says to stop or you get a stitch in your side or you need some water. At least, that’s how the other students talked about it. I have gotten into a groove and really enjoy running –especially since I am starting to beat my old times and can feel myself getting faster and stronger.

I’m guessing it is going to have to be an after school time-frame, because I don’t think many people will show up if it was scheduled before school hours (myself included). Although I would be content to run every day, I figure people will stick at it for longer if there isn’t too much pressure early on, so perhaps we’ll just meet twice a week? At most, three times a week.

I guess this means I’ll actually get to use some of the information from the junk my Mother left behind in her old room (those fitness magazines I have been looking through). It shouldn’t be too difficult to put together a training program for everyone to follow, and every few weeks we can do timed races or drills to see if people are getting faster. I can also pass on tips like the importance of hydration and stretching. I know I learned all of that in school, but like I said before – if this many students want to join a running club (something that would not have existed when I was in school) then the physical education must be lacking.

Or perhaps it is a survival thing – they understand that it is easier to run from a zombie (or any other threat) when you accustomed to cardio activities. I don’t know why people want to join, but I’m willing to give it a go. I’ll let Penelope take a few posters to the school to put them up with a date, time and place for the first meeting – maybe Monday after school? That should give me enough time to think things over, and enough time for posters to go up at the school and in The Centre, in case any adults are starved for exercise and want to join. I better got print some up, so Penelope can take them with her tomorrow morning, or no one will have the information before the meeting happens, consider that I doubt anyone will be at the school over the weekend. I can put up the remaining posters in The Centre tomorrow when I got to see if there are any volunteer positions that I could commit to.

It feels kind of fulfilling to have a new task to complete. Hopefully I can make sense of all the information in the fitness magazines. I’ll just have to remember that I don’t have to impart all of the knowledge all at once – if things work out, we’ll have weeks, even months to continue learning about this hobby.



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