March 22nd

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I mentioned my Running Club idea to Penelope in passing this morning while she was grabbing her lunch for school, and she actually seemed to think it was a good idea. She volunteered to be the first member, admitting that she wished she had the will power to get a little more active. Apparently, sitting at a school desk all day is making her feel unhealthy, and even though she thinks that Mandy would make fun of her if she were to go running by herself, she figures that if it is a club, she can pretend she is “just being nice to me” by joining it. I think there might be a little rivalry between these unrelated sisters, but I offered to take Mandy with me any time she wanted, and even promised to pretend she was doing me a favour if Mandy is around.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the whole Justin situation. I think that Mandy is the more popular out of the two; she is at least the more extroverted, and although not all introverts are insecure, I think that Mandy is feeling a little left behind. Focusing on getting healthier is a great way for her to lift her spirits, and it might be nice to try running with a friend before committing to creating an actual club.

Obviously, this is no news on the Andrew front (or I would have started my entry with it), so I’ll leave that alone for now.

Nick and Ellen are fast asleep downstairs, and I think they both have tomorrow off as well, which will really help them catch up on their rest. I could almost confuse them with zombies last night, they moved so stiffly and their faces were so gaunt. The spot where the barricade was breached has been completely patched, but The Council has approved work hours to re-enforce the entire barricade (they usually do a pretty thorough yearly re-evaluation, and they are due anyway) so Nick will be busy for quite some time. Ellen has moved on to helping another family who are in need of assistance, so she’s doing a lot of work, too. I almost feel like I should be volunteering down at The Centre, just to play my part in rebuilding the community. I’ll look into it when I go to the market tomorrow.

For now, I’ve kept up with keeping the house in order. After cleaning up from my run, I did a full surface clean of all the common spaces – I dusted, wiped down counters, did the dishes, cleaned the stove top, vacuumed all the carpets and the furniture with fabric, swept and mopped all the tiled floors, did all the laundry in the laundry room and even remembered to clean out the lint trap. Some people find this type of thing super boring and tedious, but I make little games out of it and always feel more energetic after the house is clean. Maybe I missed my calling as a maid, who knows?

Dinner went well, as usual. Fortunately, I haven’t served anything (besides those vegetables to the teenagers the other night) that has been criticized or unsuccessful. I’m not saying I’m a master chef and everything I feed my tenants is absolutely mind-blowing, but the fact that it is sufficient is enough for me. I wouldn’t want anyone to go hungry, especially not if it was because my food was horrid.

Besides a run and checking the sales at the market, I don’t really have anything planned for tomorrow, so perhaps I will either tackle cleaning the bathrooms or try to find a more interesting task.



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