March 19th

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Wonder of all wonders, I was actually able to convince myself to not only get out of bed, but have a shower and put on clean clothing. Before noon. That’s right – before NOON. If I keep this up people are going to expect me to start performing more miracles.

Kidding aside, I guess that maybe I just needed a couple of days to rest and recharge after managing a house full of people during the most stressful breach I’ve ever experienced. I even got a regular meal into my system after showering, and I feel like I am nearly back to my old self.

Nick and Ellen slept later than I did, but the deserve it considering how much work they have been doing to fix the breach and clean up the mess and destruction that the zombies created. Even though they didn’t make it upstairs for breakfast or lunch, they still looked extremely tired when I finally saw them at dinner time. They are both going right back to work tomorrow, and have already gone back to bed to try to get as much rest as possible before they work another extremely full day.

Although I probably would feel even more like my regular self if I had managed to get a good run in today, I elected to do a bit of a grocery shop so I could get a really good dinner together for my tenants, since I feel bad about leaving them to fend for themselves. I mean, they are getting the food they pay for in their rent price even if they are making it themselves, but it is a sort of value-added service that I wanted to be able to provide to those who choose to live under my roof.

Speaking of people who have lived under my roof, I can only assume that there is no word from Andrew, considering I haven’t heard anything and I know Nick or Ellen would let me know if they had. I don’t think Mandy or Penelope have left the house today, for which I cannot really blame them, since it is raining and the trip to the store sort of made me wish I could have another hot shower. They would tell me if they knew anything without me having to ask, too, so hence the assumption that there is no word. Perhaps I should call his roommates again, but I figure they would have passed on to him that we were worried if they had seen him. Where the hell could he have gone?

He did end up leaving his own home town to wander through the zombie areas and find a new place to live; is it possible that is what he is doing again? I know that the breach just killed a lot of people, but relatively speaking, it has to be safer in here than on the outside, right? I don’t know what would possess him to go out there, considering no one was running him out-of-town this time.

What if he is running away from me and what I said about wanting to try again? Did I cause his disappearance? I know it is crazy and self-involved to think like that, but until I know what happened, I cannot help but worry about all the possibilities. Even if someone finds him, I might not know why he dropped off the radar, but the why will be less important when I know that he is safe.

Yes, when – not if. I may be a giant worrier, but I will not let myself think the worst unless there is proof. Considering I had a pretty stressful breakdown after this breach, it is not unreasonable to think that maybe he just needs to cool off for a while, too. We all need it from time to time.



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