March 14th

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Nick didn’t see Andrew at all yesterday, and when I called his apartment, his roommates didn’t know where he was. They aren’t even sure if he made it home after he left working on the barricade with Nick, since everything was so chaotic. I don’t know if I should be as worried as I currently feel, or if his roommates just missed him and this is just a repeat of how he went missing when we first met. Nick said he would keep his eye out, but I don’t know how he’ll have the energy. Last night, he had to drag himself to the table for dinner, and was asleep directly after.

Ellen had a really busy day as well. Her arms where so tired from lifting rubbish, sweeping and packing things away for a run to the dumpster that she could hardly raise her soup to her lips and she soon followed Nick to sleep after I refused her help with dishes. Mandy and Penelope had a small amount of homework to do before they retreated upstairs to catch up on their sleep as well. With everyone getting back into a more healthy head space, even if they are physically tired from working, I find myself feeling calmer.

This morning was a repeat of yesterday morning, with the girls getting off to school just fine, and Ellen and Nick out the door first thing to continue helping the rebuild/cleaning efforts. I couldn’t pull my running clothing on fast enough. Even though I have a bit of soreness in my legs, I don’t want to hold back too much. I made sure to bring a water bottle with me this time, to prevent dehydration, which would definitely make me unable to continue this hobby.

The best part about running, at least for this moment in time, is that my mind just wanders and releases anything and everything that is making me stressed. I completely forgot about Andrew’s disappearing act, how upset the girls have looked and how tired Nick and Ellen are when they get home from helping the neighbourhood. All that matters when I am running is that I keep going, because I can keep going longer than my mind thinks. There comes a point where my mind says I have run long enough and it is time to give up, but I know my legs and lungs can handle a few more laps. I’m thinking that I should start keeping track of how many laps I do, and how long it takes, because I am definitely getting faster and can keep going for way longer than when I started a couple of months ago.

Today was a bath day, to help with the soreness in my legs, but I only used a small amount of bubbles in hopes that I can keep those as long as possible. There is just something extra soothing about the water when there are bubbles floating atop – and the water feels a little different too; it almost feels more slippery. I started reading a new book, but was really only half skimming the pages and I swished the water around by rocking my hips back and forth.

I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight, and I figure it will be easiest to take a poll when people get home from school and work. I doubt it will be anything complicated and time-consuming, as Nick and Ellen won’t be able to keep awake long enough to eat it.

I took a quite look at the house budget today, and I am doing better than expected. Mind you, we didn’t grocery shop for a week, but, then again, I had to buy locks I hadn’t thought about, so overall I think I am still coming out ahead.



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