March 13th

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Dinner was as much of a success as I could have hoped for. I even saw each tenant smile at least once this evening, which is a tremendous feat after this last week of captivity. Nick installed the extra locks as soon as he got back from his shift at the barricade, and the timing worked out that as soon as he was showered and dressed, dinner was ready and on the table. Everyone seemed to realize how hungry we all were at the same time, and not one person had less than three servings. Of course, this made packing the extra food away and cleaning up a pretty tough chore, but everyone pitched it and it was done in very little time. Even though it was still early, we all went our separate ways and I’m sure that most of us were dead to the world as soon as our heads hit our pillows.

The girls got off to school okay this morning, and Ellen found some people yesterday that needed some labour for hire, so she was away just as early with Nick on her heals, headed for another shift at the barricade. They aren’t quite sure how such a large breach occurred, or where that extremely large amount of zombies came from, but it looks like many people will be spending the next couple of weeks upgrading the defenses. After that, there are several people who want more security measures of their houses, and Nick things he’ll be able to pick up quite a few jobs doing that, as well. Ellen has a few leads for more people who want clean up labourers, so I’ll have to be the one to answer the phone if any of the employers she applied to call her back.

It was a strange feeling to have absolutely everyone leave this morning. The house has never seemed so quiet, which made it feel unsettling, but it also meant that I was finally free to pull on some running clothing and let my legs go nuts on the field. Even after just a week away from it, I feel out of practice, but even though I am sure I am going to be sore tomorrow, it feels so good to just be able to move again.

Now that I’ve showered away the run, and fed myself so I no longer feel like I’m running on empty, the empty house seems almost peaceful. I feel like things are going to be okay, even though there are a lot of repairs that still need to happen before the town in secure again. If it makes any sense, I’m not as worried about that, because my house is extremely secure, and we now know that we can survive a major attack if need be.

Nick said Andrew was pretty tired and left the barricade hours before Nick’s shift ended. I really have to wonder if Andrew is taking all of this harder than the rest of us, somehow. When we first met, he could hold a conversation, and even had some charm, but the last time I saw him, he didn’t even say goodbye, and wasn’t up to making eye contact. I’ll have to remember to ask Nick if he saw Andrew today, and if he looked like he was doing any better.

The soup for dinner is simmering away, and the girls have just arrived home from school without a cloud of depression overhead, so I think that today might be a success on a pass or fail scale. Hopefully Ellen and Nick won’t have been worked too hard, but I look forward to hearing how they are helping the community.



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