March 12th

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The announcement came up on the television about five minutes after Nick was called to work on the barricade that citizens were able to walk to streets again. After taking some precautionary glances out the window, Ellen, Penelope and Mandy decided to come with me on a walk of the neighbourhood, to see the extent of the damage. Andrew left with Nick, but barely said a word on his way out of the door.

I’ve never seen my street, let alone my town, in such disarray. The explosions caused chunks of metal and garbage to catapult against houses and cars. Fortunately, my house only as a few light pieces of trash littered onto the roof, and no damage to speak of. We saw one house with part of the wall caved in, although we have no idea if that was from the zombies, or from an explosion.

Everywhere we walked, people were assessing the damages or testing the boundaries of being able to walk out in the open on their front lawns. Mandy and Penelope held hands the whole time, and Ellen didn’t make so much as a peep. The market is open, although it doesn’t have many fresh supplies since we were cut off from being able to receive outside resources while the breach was active. I picked up a few staples that will help me make the celebratory dinner I have planned, items of which are currently cooking, boiling or being baked while I take a break to write this entry.

The Council reported, via the television, that there was no damage to the school and it will be re-open as per usual schedule tomorrow. I think the girls are conflicted about this news; on the one hand, they will get to be in a space that isn’t the upper section of the house, which is welcome after the cabin-fever symptoms we were all getting. On the other hand, how are they expected to just go back to their new classes like everything is normal? The Council said they would have a full staff of support workers available to talk to students and help them through any tough emotions they are facing, but I wonder if it is enough. I wonder what else could be done, but I haven’t been able to come up with any solutions that will magically make this situation stop being so depressing and sinister.

Ellen mentioned that some people who own shops that have been damaged, or even homes for that matter, might be looking for people to help them clean up, so she went out on another walk shortly after we got back from the market. I don’t blame her; I sort of wish I could spend some alone time outside of the house right now. My legs are aching for a run, but I feel it is my responsibility to make sure everyone gets fed a really decent meal tonight. I can always start back up with my running tomorrow, anyway. I’m sure there will be quite a few leftovers for people to take as lunches tomorrow, and I can always put soup on once I get back from a run tomorrow afternoon.

I will also have to install the locks I got for the basement while we were at the market, but maybe Nick will want to take that on when he gets back, considering he was extremely antsy about helping with repair efforts as soon as possible. It would be best to have them installed tonight, just for peace of mind. But I should be thinking one thing at a time instead of getting bogged down with all the ins and outs of everything I need to do to feel even sort of normal again in my own home. I already feel more safe, and after I shower, I’m sure I’ll feel a little more human.



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