March 9th

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The Recovery Team must be working some mad over time, because the crowd outside our house has thinned to only a few zombies, and most of the corpses have been taken away from the street. If we are lucky, I think that they might all be contained by tomorrow and we can stop living on the top floor – the faster, the better, because everyone is definitely being touched by cabin fever.

Hunger caught up with us this morning, so I risked having one of the last few zombies hear/smell my making some warm breakfast of eggs, sausages and toast. There are still Recovery Team members running around outside to distract the zombies, though, so this went off without incident. Once everyone was fed, I collected what soiled clothing I could and decided that laundry wouldn’t be too high of a risk. I still don’t want us to move down stairs, in case a stray zombie gets fascinated with our house and just scares the crap out of the girls (or the guys, for that matter).

Andrew still hasn’t said anything to me. Either he is avoiding me, or whatever words I managed to get out didn’t make enough sense for him to understand what I was trying to say. Even though I hate feeling stupid and doing stupid things, I hope it was that last option.

I let Nick take Andrew on a supplies mission to get a change of clothing from Nick’s basement wardrobe so Andrew’s clothing could go through the wash with everyone else’s. Hopefully fresh, clean clothing will lift the spirits around here until we can all get out of the house without fearing for our lives. I can tell that Nick is itching to get out there and see what help is needed in rebuilding the barricade, but I’ve told him it is safer to call his boss to get a status report. So far, no one has picked up, but he keeps trying every few hours.

I tried to contact Dana from The Council to see if they were releasing any information about the breach, or when things will be contained, making it safe for people to go outside again, but the line is always busy when I call. I wonder how much damage is out there. If only a few zombies trashed Kevin’s shop, then what could this horde have done to the whole town? If I wasn’t so concerned about the noise and lights, I’d take everyone down stairs and turn on the television to see if The Council is broadcasting any updates. Maybe we can move down there tonight, considering the rate at which the zombies outside are being rounded up. I don’t think everything will be safe by then, but it will be safe enough that we can go downstairs again, as long as all the security measures are still in place.

My legs are itching for me to run. I don’t like feeling cramped and contained like this, and it has almost been a week in this make-shift captivity. Maybe I’ll try to take my mind off it by checking the laundry and putting something together for lunch. That way I can at least stretch my legs a little by walking back and forth in the kitchen. I’ll just make sure to do another round to check all the locks, starting with the basement, just in case Andrew and Nick somehow leaned on something while they were getting spare clothing and jiggled a lock loose. I know it seems unlikely, but unfortunately, these are the types of things I worry about. How awesome would it be if the worst thing I had to worry about was something completely benign instead of zombies crawling into every possible opening of my house?



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