March 6th

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

As previously determined, no one is going to school or work today. My legs are stiff from not being able to get out and go for a run. We still haven’t seen or heard the Recovery Team in our neighbourhood, but Andrew finally got through late last night and the representative from The Council “assured” us that help was on the way. They wouldn’t comment on how big the breach is, or how it happened, or how long it would take until people could leave their houses. I really hope it is cleared up before every single one of us has cabin fever.

I managed to successfully make that roast last night without any zombies being attracted by the smell. I didn’t bother making any side dishes, though, which meant we were all crowded around it on my bedroom floor, just stabbing pieces with our forks and tearing the flesh with our teeth. I hope I was the only one who saw a parallel to what might be going on outside, and I kept it to myself.

Andrew has built a little nest on my bedroom floor out of towels and spare blankets, because sleeping on the floor is hurting his back. I think it has more to do with exhaustion, because I would be very surprised if any of us where sleeping very much these days. Every odd noise from outside seems to wake me up and immediately make me wonder if any of the locks downstairs could have spontaneously decided to stop working. Andrew seems to be spending more and more time curled up in a ball amongst all of the towels and blankets; sometimes he only gets up because I tell him I’ve brought up more food. I’m starting to worry about what this captivity is doing to everyone, especially since we have all seen loss at the murderous hands of zombies.

Mandy and Penelope are getting antsy; they keep wanting to be the ones to go get more supplies when it is needed, but I obviously know the house better and can avoid the windows and squeaking floor spots in my sleep, so thus far they have still be confined to the upper level. I made everyone take a shower today, since everyone was getting a little ripe, which makes the best of us cranky. The last thing we need, besides the zombies to realize we are in here, is for people to start taking their tempers out on each other.

I brought up board games and a couple of decks of cards to keep people occupied, but that didn’t last very long. No one can seem to focus on a game for very long, and everyone always freezes when we hear anything remotely similar to the sounds of rescue. I often feel lucky that it is my house and I can make excuses of checking the locks and getting more supplies just so I can spend some time alone, without all those horrified faces. When will all this crap stop? Why hasn’t someone out there figured out how to stop the zombies, once and for all? How did there get to be so many near our town, let alone within our perimeter?

I made the rest of the roast into sandwiches, which used up our second to last loaf of bread, but at least I won’t have visions of my tenants ravenously tearing flesh with their teeth any more. It is up to me to keep them safe, and I am going to do all I can to make sure they survive this attack. I just want everyone to be okay, but what I really want is for the zombies to be eradicated so we can attempt to live some form of normal life, without being afraid all of the time.



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