March 5th

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

We still haven’t gotten through to The Council, and now Andrew only calls once every hour or so, just to make sure the phone line still works. The food I brought up yesterday is long gone, and I’ve just made another mission to grab more. Everything seems to be holding, but I don’t think the zombies know we are in here, and I really hope it stays that way.

Mandy tried to make a joke about how she didn’t think she’d need to do her homework after all, but that put Penelope in tears. After everything they have been through, and to have just gotten used to things being semi-normal again, this must be hard on them. Ellen is incredibly quiet, and no longer looks at the phone. Instead, she tends to just curl up in a ball in Penelope’s room, like she is trying to sleep long enough that everything blows over.

Andrew finally thought to call his roommates and let them know that he’s okay. Unfortunately, once someone finally picked up, they were angry he was calling in the first place, since the phone makes noise that might attract the zombies; they also didn’t know any more than we did, besides that they have lots of zombies dragging themselves through the streets in their neighbourhood, too. The did see a few people from the Recovery Team last night, but the large amount of zombies caused them to retreat (or, at least, that’s what the roommate assumes).

Nick keeps talking about wishing he could help, but I hope he doesn’t try to do anything stupid, like leave the house. That would just draw attention and put us all in danger, not to mention, I’m pretty sure Ellen really needs his help right now. People are getting restless, which I understand, but we are just going to have to sit this out and wait for the Recovery Team to sort this problem out. I told Nick he would have plenty of work to do, fixing the breach, once the zombies were taken care of, then sent him to bring Ellen a sandwich.

I’m really hoping that we at least get to talk to someone from The Council by the end of today, just to have some answers about what is being done and approximately how long it will be until the Recovery Team will be able to deal with the zombies in our street. I’m really glad that I did a grocery shop recently, but cooking some of the items has become a problem. I might put a roast in the over a little later; I’ll just have to be really careful and make sure that all the curtains are completely closed. A roast doesn’t require me to be in the kitchen, but cooking anything does have the potential to lure zombies due to the smell, so I’ll just have to double-check that all the windows are close and make sure I don’t turn on the fan over the stove. Trust me – I’ve thought a lot about the logistics of cooking with zombies everywhere, consider how my Mother died.

That reminds me – I will have to make sure my knives are close at hand, and no in grabbing reach of anything that tries to jump through the window (but they would likely fail, considering that window is reinforced). I don’t plan on losing any more blades during this stressful time. I’ll just remind Andrew to make that hourly phone call, and then I’ll head down stairs to put in that roast. This wasn’t exactly what I have had in mind when I complained that I want some adventure in my life…



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