March 4th

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I swear to god, or whatever power there is out there, that I jinx my entire life by proclaiming that I just want to have a pleasant evening. Last night, as a whole, was the furthest from pleasant that it could have been. Besides the fact that no one in my house died, it was probably as bad as it could have been.

There was another breach, but unlike breaches in the past, this one makes it look like we don’t even have a barricade around our town. I have never seen so many zombies roaming the streets as I did last night when I happened to glance out the window, right before the banging started. The banging, of course, was zombies hitting the side of the house. I snapped into survival mode and demanded that everyone go up to Mandy’s room while I ran around turning off lights and quadruple checking all the locks on doors, windows and potential weak spots. All the curtains are still drawn, and all the zombies still appear to be out there.

I’ve tried calling the Recovery Team several times, but no luck – the line is always busy. At least that must mean that The Council is aware of what is going on, but I would feel a whole lot better if I hadn’t spent the night trying to keep everyone calm. I eventually sent Nick and Ellen to bed in Penelope’s room, got the girls to share Mandy’s room and let Andrew crash on my floor (we’re friends, and I’m keeping it that way).

I don’t know if we got a full eight hours between the six of us, but it is morning and each time I glance out the window, there just seems to be more and more zombies out there, with no Recovery Team in sight. I’ve put Andrew on phone duty – he redials The Council every five minutes to see if the line is clear, because I can’t do it one more time without losing my sanity. I made everyone stay upstairs while Nick and I crept down stairs at the crack of dawn to check the locks and grab a few items – clothing and towels for him and Ellen from the basement suite, and then I grabbed some food from the fridge and pantry to help tide us over until this all settles down and it is safe to eat on the lower level.

The house is so eerily quiet (because sound would draw attention to us from the zombies that we really don’t want) that occasionally we hear the clangs and booms of the zombies attacking things in the street, or possibly each other. It is really hard to tell without watching, and I am trying to keep that to a minimum, because if they get wise to movement from our windows, they might attack. I’m decently certain that my security measures would keep out a few of those rotting bastards, but I don’t know about a whole army, and would rather not find out.

I think I’ve been running around so much trying to make sure other people don’t freak out that I haven’t really had time to freak out myself – but I think I feel it coming on. I’m not exaggerating – there are a lot of zombies out there, and I really hope that the Recovery Team arrives soon, but honestly – the zombies might outnumber the team, even if they called in everyone off shift and any people in training. And, of course, I am just going off the number that I can see; for all I know, there are more, swarming other areas of the city. Given the concentration, there probably are more around the corners and down streets that I cannot see. What the hell are we going to do?



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