March 1st

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I don’t think I can say that the girls liked school yesterday, but I think their day was a little better and they hated it a little less. I told them I didn’t mind walking them as long as they want my company, and they haven’t told me to leave them alone, so I guess they don’t think I’m so bad.

Ellen put out a lot of applications and resumes yesterday, so she is sticking to the couch, near the phone, like Velcro. Nick is already off on another day of work, which he says he is enjoying. I guess it makes all the difference if you are working with people you get along with, and he seems to like his fellow employees, so I’m glad that he’s happy.

I tossed on my sweats today, since I couldn’t stand watching Ellen lunge for the phone any time there was any sort of noise that could even be considered to be near the house. I just got back from an extra long run (I was in no hurry to get back to watching Ellen watch the phone), and am fresh from the shower.

So really, what I am trying to say, in as many words as possible, is things are slowing getting better for Penelope and Many, Nick likes his work, Ellen is going slightly insane, I’m still running and I really don’t have anything else to report. Dinner is even going to be slightly boring tonight; we have a bunch of leftovers that need to be eaten, so I am letting people fix what they want for themselves on their own time. Maybe I’ll write a shopping list later. Even though I just got back not too long ago, I feel like I want to take a walk later, which is a strange impulse, because I don’t generally want to walk after dark unless it is home from work or the diner (or some other purpose); I just want to walk, with no end location in mind. Maybe I’m just not used to there being other people in the house, yet, and I’m looking for more privacy. That seems a little crazy, though, because I have a huge living space that no one ever bothers me in, and my tenants are all really respectful and rather quite.

It must be my adventure-lust acting up again. It’s not that I want to go prowling for breaches or anything, but I guess I am looking for more excitement. Perhaps I should have opened a paintball place instead of accommodation if I am seeking adrenaline so much, but it’s a little late for that shenanigans. Not to mention paintball is only something I’ve seen on reruns of old television, not in person. I doubt that people would find it much fun either, since the only people who carry anything like guns here are the Recover Team and the Barricade Guards. I’m sure they don’t find it relaxing or treat it like a game, so I don’t think it would easy to market, unless I put up fake zombies – but I would never get that passed by The Council, so all of this speculation is moot.

I best go fix myself something for dinner before all of the best things are gone. Is it wrong that I want a bit of everything, and can’t seem to make up my mind between any of the dishes? Is that a metaphor for my adventure-lust? Should I take that walk, assuming I can find a flashlight and something like a weapon to carry with me, just in case? I guess I’ll figure that part out after I decide on dinner, and whether or not said dinner gives me a food coma; it is hard to go walking when you just feel like taking a nap.



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