February 27th

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The girls were reluctant this morning, but I had a couple of bowls of cereal ready for them, nice and early, and even packed their lunches, since the school is too far away to come home for lunch. They hovered by the door when it was time to leave, as though deciding if they could set foot outside. I walked between them, opened the door, took one of each of their hands and told them I would take them as far as a block from the school, so none of their peers would think they needed a babysitter. Penelope locked up, Mandy double checked that she had her keys, and each did a quick scan of their backpacks – pens, paper, lunches, and purses. They had everything they needed for the first day of school, and the Recovery Team had already cleared up everything from yesterday’s breach.

When I got back from walking the girls in the direction of school (and after I made sure they had my number in case the school needed to get in touch), I returned home to wake up my unofficial tenant. I told Andrew that he seems to sleep on my couch more often than not, but he claimed that it wasn’t his fault that there was a breach every time he was in the neighbourhood.

Nick and Andrew bonded over dinner last night, and Nick went with Andrew to work this morning. It is mid-afternoon and we haven’t heard from him, not even for lunch, so Ellen and I figure that must be a good thing. I’ve spent most of my time since dropping the girls off helping Ellen finish laundering all of their items and organizing – since they hadn’t done it upon arrival due to exhaustion. The basement is looking like a nice home now; it doesn’t have much, but Ellen seems happy with it. It also gave us time to get to know each other even more. I learned that she and Nick have been together nearly three years; they knew each other in high school but didn’t get together until years later. They were both only children, which means that they haven’t lost any siblings in this terrible mess, but they did witness the attack of Nick’s father by zombies. Ellen’s parents fled town before she even finished high school, not even stopping to think about taking her with them, and she grew up in a friend’s house. Nick’s Mother died of cancer years ago, but he told Ellen that she went peacefully in the end. It is amazing how much death there is around us in this day in age.

Ellen wanted to work on her resume before looking for work tomorrow, so we wandered upstairs to fill our stomachs so her brain would be properly energized. After we had some lunch, I curled up with a book, but my eyes didn’t seem to want to take in any of the information. I kept wondering if Ellen finds it strange that she is renting from someone three years younger than her, but if she does, she hasn’t let on. I don’t think age has really factored into any of the accommodation situation, besides the fact that the girls need to attend school. In fact, I actually have no idea if they know how old I am. During high school, what few people talked to me told me that I always seem more mature than my years. I just hope I don’t look older than my eldest tenants, especially since I am trying to work on my fitness.

Speaking of which, I should probably consider getting down stairs to start chopping up the veggies I’ll be making for dinner tonight to go with our chicken, since I’ve given up on getting any of this book read today.



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