February 26th

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I have decided that Sundays are my unofficial day off, and as such, breakfast is the usual “get it yourself at your own pace” deal, but so is lunch. For dinner, I’ll be letting a large vat of chili slowly cook itself on the stove at a low heat. Today will be my day to relax, catch up on reading, watch a film if I want, or just do anything but work, unless needed.

… I don’t date when I write entries, so I just want to point out that I wrote that last bit first thing this morning, before I even got out of bed. It has not gone that way at all. It’s nearly midnight, and the fact that we had chili on the stove is the very least of what is on my mind and in my priorities.

You’ve probably already guessed it – another breach. Fortunately, this wasn’t another one right near my house, but unfortunately it did occur while Penelope and Mandy were out for a walk. I just happened to be coming back from the grocery store (needed more onions for the chili) and suddenly they, and a few other people, flew by me, running for their lives. I ran after the girls I pointed them to a short cut back to the house, making sure that in their panic, they still had their keys. I don’t know what made me do what came next – probably all this talk of needing more adventure – but I didn’t go with them back to the house. I thrust the grocery bag into Mandy’s hand, told them to run, and went in the direction of the breach.

I’m not suicidal. I went back but I hide on a corner and watched what was going on from afar. I didn’t run directly into the hoard, which had five or six zombies in it, spread out down a street where they had just finished feasting on a person (I could honestly not tell if it was a man or a woman after they were done) and what I assume was a dog (I could still see a leash in his/her hand). The zombies had clearly fought over the deceased, as blood and guts were cast in all directions.

A hand came down on my shoulder, and I have never in my life been closer to crapping in my pants. I spun, ready to punch what I thought was a zombie in the face, just to stun it so I could run, but was face to face with Andrew. “Are you following me?” I think I asked this out loud, but it could have just been in my head.

“What are you doing? Let’s go!” he said, regardless of if I had accused him or not. He pulled me away from my hiding place and we ran. I pushed him down the same short cut that I pointed out to the girls, and we were there in no time. I arrived ahead of him (that running hobby is good for something), unlocked the door and let him in. As I locked the front door, he started my usual system of checking all the entry points on the ground floor. Nick and Ellen came up to see what all the noise was, so I introduced them to Andrew, told them there was a breach and went upstairs to make sure the girls had made it back.

I found Penelope and Mandy in my old room, huddled together on my old bed, crying and looking terrified. It took a really long time to calm them down, but they are finally sleeping now. And I finally introduced Nick to Andrew, so, you know, silver lining.



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