February 25th

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Everyone is out, familiarizing themselves with their new town. “Breakfast on your own time” seems to be working just fine. Lunch tends to happen around the usual time, although I guess I need to start packing lunches for the girls as of Monday. Dinner tonight should be easy, since I made way too much pasta last night and will be revamping it with more vegetables and adding a different sauce. Laundry is all done and distributed to the various owners (in a basket as it came out of the dryer, because there is no way I am folding everyone’s clothing, especially not their underpants). So far, this “being my own boss” thing is working out just fine for me.

I half-jokingly offered to everyone at lunch that they could come with me on my run if they wanted. That was a big, fat “no thanks”. Ellen actually seemed appalled that I run for fun, but I’m not surprised by that reaction, considering the first images that come to mind from most people’s memories of running involve running for one’s life. I explained that I used to like it when I was younger, and it was a new hobby this year that I was careful to do in the daylight, so I didn’t freak out the living or get jumped by the dead (obviously, I picked my words more carefully, but I have a feeling that after a couple of months of living together, we will be comfortable speaking frankly instead of sugar-coating).

A couple of times, I have overheard the girls talking to Nick and Ellen about people they all knew, even though they never met before they were brought back to our town. Some people were rumoured to be picked up in other operations from other towns, some people decided to leave of their own accord and haven’t been heard from since, and some people were confirmed dead. It was almost eerie listening to how calm their voices were while they talked about people they used to know and love, and how they no longer existed, or were as good as lost.

I guess that hope is keeping them afloat – maybe the people supposedly picked up by other towns are fine. Maybe the people who decided to go it alone are doing a good job and staying out of trouble. It seems unlikely, but there was a time that zombies were unlikely, and we all know what became of that.

I was able to do my run and have a long bath before anyone got home, which either means they have found things of interest, or they are really lost – which further means they forgot the address and/or are too shy to ask for directions. I’m sure they’ll all crawl in for dinner time, and if I am in luck, I’ll get to hear of their adventures. It might be interesting to see the town through the eyes of people who have just arrived – as though it is completely new (and maybe gives off an illusion of being in any way remotely exciting or mention-worthy).

I do like living here, I really do, but I don’t really know anything else, do I? I know it is stupid to think about trying something else, somewhere else, when I am (relatively) safe right where I am. I really am going to have to seriously look into how I can inject more adventure into my life without these silly thoughts of finding outside my town. I mean, I am technically on an adventure now – being my own boss – but it isn’t exactly what springs to mind when you think of adventure. I tend to think of mystery and intrigue and seeing new, interesting things; instead, I have: who are these people in my house? Do they have any unique stories or deep hidden secrets? And, is Nick going to wander upstairs without a shirt on all the time? (Admittedly, I could get used to that.)



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