February 24th

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I was right – not a single person came into the kitchen, living room or dining room before noon today. In fact, the girls didn’t make it down until 2pm, by which point I had put aside a couple of plates for them of the lunch that Nick, Ellen and I shared around 1pm. Everyone is looking a little bit more lively, but I think it will be a while before they are all fully charged. I let everyone know that I would have dinner ready for 6pm, and encouraged them all to either get more sleep or go exploring in the neighbourhood; the girls went right back to bed, whereas Nick and Ellen elected to go on that walk, probably to scout out a few places to apply for work.

I decided that Friday night would be pasta night, because it is a personal favourite of mine, and since I did the prep work last night on the giant mountain of vegetables that I always incorporate into my pasta dishes, I knew it wouldn’t take long to through things together, so I left a note in the kitchen and went for a run.

It was really nice to get out into the fresh air, even though it is a little chilly today. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, considering how much our winters have warmed up in the last ten years – I don’t even remember the last time I saw snow. Maybe this crispness was a sign that things are slowly getting back to normal. I don’t know. Either way, I didn’t have to completely shed my sweatshirt mid run like I usually do, but rather unzipped it and rolled up the sleeves to create a too warm/too cold balance. My water bottle was super chilled by the end of the run, though, so it gave me a little brain freeze.

I got home well before I needed to start dinner, which was great because I really needed to shower first. When I came through the front door, the girls were in the living room. They gave me a shocked look as I opened the door, but that seemed to turn to relief when they recognized me, and relaxed even more than I explained that I was running for fun, not because anything was wrong. I almost said, “I wasn’t running for my life,” and I am so glad I stopped myself. My filter occasionally kicks in, and that was a perfect moment. I told the girls to help themselves to tea or juice in the kitchen if they wanted, and jetted upstairs to get myself smelling human again before making dinner.

Unless everyone is just being nice, dinner was successful again. The girls chatted about how they probably overslept and will not be up all night. Ellen said she saw a couple of places where she could apply for work, and Nick reminded me that I offered to get in touch with Andrew, so I’ll give him a call tonight, since I know he doesn’t work this late, but he also won’t be asleep this early on a Friday night.

Everything seems to be going really well, but there is a part of me that is still waiting for it all to go wrong. I keep telling myself that that is a silly way to look at it – some things are bound to slip up from time to time, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to blow up. I’m doing the best I can, and if I make a mistake, I’m sure it won’t be something catastrophic, so I need to give myself a little more credit and just bask in this time and be happy with life until the next time there is a breach. I’m sure the first breach in a new home is going to be scary as hell for Penelope, Mandy, Nick and Ellen, but I have things under control, and if there is something I know I am good at, it is surviving zombie attacks, even if I end up a knife short or perched atop a dumpster, waiting for help to arrive. I wonder if Dana would have me a copy of the orientation package, so I know what kinds of things Penelope, Mandy, Nick and Ellen already know. I’m sure I could build on the Tips section.



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