February 23rd

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The soup was a success, and last night’s meal had many less awkward parts to it than the open house. I am even more confident that I made the right decisions as far as which tenants I picked to live in my house, and I am still very happy that they accepted.

Penelope and Mandy made it to the house just before dinner started, so I told them to just leave their bags in the living room and wash up before sitting down to dinner. They looked like they could use a break – both of them were slow-moving and had bags under their eyes from dealing with this whole moving situation, not to mention the legal paperwork. I can’t believe that Dana was able to fast track their applications for the local high school, and that they will be attending starting on Monday. Somehow a three-day weekend doesn’t seem like enough time to transition, but I’m told the school is used to having students dribble in throughout the year, and they we do some assessments and have access to a councillor. It is really unfortunate that our society has to have those things in place, but I’m glad that they girls will be taken care of.

After dinner, I helped them get their rooms in order (well, mostly, I helped carry what few things that they were able to scavenge from home up to their rooms). The girls flipped a coin to see who got which room, since they are pretty much the same size and the rent is the same. Penelope ended up in my old room, and Mandy took the room down the hall. I told them that the bathroom was shared between the two of them, since I have my own en suite, and gave them a more in-depth tour of where things are kept. I left them to it after that, because they looked ready to fall into bed, and I didn’t want to get in their way. Downstairs, Nick and Ellen had already packed up most of the dinner things – without me even asking. I finished up loading the dishwasher and put the leftover soup away for a snack or lunch in the next few days. I found some tape that is great for labelling, so I scribbled what was in the container and when it was put there, so no one eats anything too old and unhealthy.

Reading back on this, I feel like I am full of boring details again, but there is no turning back now. I will still have time for things that make me happy besides helping these people after their transfer to our town, and I hope that I get more interesting as their tenancy goes on. Right now I am just trying to be supportive, calm and helpful. I’m not expecting anyone to spill secrets or feel like they have to tell me every detail of the hell they have gone through, but I won’t close myself off to listening if that is what they need. I had someone to talk to when I lost Mother, and that might have been what kept me going, so I just hope that each of them can talk to someone, and if that someone is me, I’m okay with that.

I’m going to go prep the foods I’ll be making for lunch and dinner tomorrow – breakfast is going to be easy cereal at everyone’s own pace, because I have no idea if any of these people are morning people and I don’t want to set a time by which everyone has to get up, especially since they are all so tired and I don’t really expect to see any of them until the afternoon, at least.



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