February 22nd

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I talked to Dana last night and she passed on to Penelope, Mandy, Nick and Ellen that I had accepted their applications. Dana let me know about the process – as soon as the would-be tenants confirm that they are still wanting to rent from a landlord/lady, they are given transport of their items from the temporary accommodations and payment to my account is set up automatically so they don’t have to worry about paying rent on time unless they get to a point where they don’t have enough in their account on the first of the month.

I am delighted that all four of them said yes! Nick and Ellen have already arrived and are downstairs sorting out their personal items. I already have their laundry in the wash and started up a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup that should be ready for dinner, but which time Penelope and Mandy should be joining us. They had a little bit more paperwork to sort out, since they are both underage, but are eligible for access to their deceased parents’ accounts (which will take some time to verify that they are on the only living people who are eligible for access, and that their parents are not still alive). Dana was telling me how they might have to stay in temporary accommodation until all this is sorted out, but I told her that the first month is free for the girls while everything gets sorted out legally. I also get to fill in some extra paperwork, since I am basically agreeing to become a sort of guardian for the girls, but since they don’t seem to be trouble makers, I don’t think we’ll have many problems.

Nick and Ellen seemed relieved that they were accepted; Ellen let slip that they looked at a different place before they saw my house and the other place was the same amount of rent but about half the space and only some food was included. I joked that I might have to raise the rent if everyone starts eating the goats, but I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time going over recipes that will feed five people and can do each month for about the cost of one of the single rooms as long as I am smart about getting items on sale. Besides, I’m not in this to become rich, and I like that I can help some genuinely nice people who really need a roof over their head and three square meals.

Nick mentioned that he used to work construction, so I told him I’d introduce him to Andrew, who could introduce him to people who might need someone of that background. He might end up being someone who fixes the barricades when they get breached, assuming that the appropriate people are hiring. Ellen used to work as a cashier, and there are tons of places around where she can apply – I just hope that there is somewhere that has an opening. Unfortunately, sometimes there are only openings because there has recently been a breach and someone was attacked and killed by zombies. I hate thinking about it like that, though. On average, the circle of life seems to have a pretty small circumference in our town, and I really hope that I live to a point where it starts getting bigger again.

The girls should be here any minute, since Dana promised they would be allowed to move in before dinner time, so I better go make sure there are fresh towels upstairs for them, and switch Nick and Ellen’s wash into the drier, because I’m sure Penelope and Mandy would appreciate some clean clothing, too. The soup is simmering away and smells great, so I’m really looking forward to having our first sit down meal in the dining room. It will give us a chance to get to know each other a little better, and I can hand out everyone’s house keys, which I managed to get cut this morning before doing this week’s grocery shop.



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