February 21st

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The open house went really, really well! I don’t even have that much left over, as far as food goes, which means they must have liked it (considering I sort of out did myself and made a ton of things last night). I’ll admit that it was strange to have so many people in my house, but it got easier as time went on. I took everyone on a tour of the house, and did my best to remember names and which rooms they were interested in.

The teenage girls that were interested in my upstairs rooms, Penelope and Mandy, were a little skittish – almost as though they were more intimidated that I was – but then I remembered that what they have gone through is far more recent than what I went through when my Mother died. They stuck together like glue the whole time they were in the house, and I knew by the time they left that I would be delighted to have them as tenants.

As for the basement suite, I was a little conflicted. I really wish I could help the family that just lost two members, but the kids are a little too grown up to be sharing one room with their folks – there wouldn’t be enough personal space, even with use of the living room in the ground floor as a common room. As for the two couples that are interested, the couple who actually talked to me – Nick and Elle – seemed really nice, whereas the other couple gave off a really strange, shifty feeling. I’m going to offer the suite to Nick and Elle tonight once everyone gets a chance to get back to the temporary accommodations near The Centre. I really hope Penelope and Mandy are ready to move into my upstairs rooms, as well, because I think that even though they are shy, they will get along with Nick and Elle, considering how they were quiet but not shifty – they actually made eye contact and chatted with me.

I just hope that the Grahams (the family of four) can find a place. I also wonder how Nick will react to living in a house full of girls, but he let slip that before the recent attacks in their old town, he had a couple of sisters. Every time the attack came up, everyone got pretty quiet, but that is completely understandable. Elle asked how I managed to have my own house at such a young age, so I was open, honest and told them about what happened to Mother. Nick had questions about security, so I went through the reinforcements on the ground and basement floors. He was interested in talking about how I had the lower windows replaced with a stronger substance after the attack in the kitchen where I lost my most recent knife. Mandy wanted to know that we would be safe here, and eventually we ended up trading “war stories” about breaches. I figured there was no point in lying to anyone about the breaches – they are bound to happen – but as long as we are smart about it and careful (and everyone remembers to lock the door, no matter if they are just going on a trip to the grocery store), we should do well.

I guess I should finish cleaning up the dining room and then see if I can get in contact with Dana so I can talk to Penelope, Mandy, Nick and Ellen about the details for moving in. Each of these people seemed interested when they left, each seemed like they would watch their backs when out in the street, and each seemed like someone I would be able to talk to without there being too much awkwardness. I don’t expect everyone to become best friends, or anything, but I have positive feelings about these tenants.



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