February 20th

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The first tenant applications arrived today! One of the representatives from The Council dropped them by today, and since I recognized her voice, I invited her in for a cup of tea. Her name is Dana, and we chatted about the people who have just arrived in town and are close to finishing orientation. I instantly felt like I knew her since we’ve been talking on the phone so often in the last couple weeks about my accommodations and what inspections I would need to pass, et cetera.

I don’t know how secret this information is supposed to be, but Dana let slip that they thought there would be about twice as many people rescued on this trip, but instead, they were only able to bring back 12 people – there are a couple of teenage girls, a family of four (who were, until recently, a family of six), a few couples and some young men. Everyone else from their town either died a long time ago, I died in the most recent attack.

I received applications from both of the teenage girls, and reading that they are best friends and want to live in the same place nearly broke my heart. I think they will be a good fit for the two upstairs rooms. The family of four applied for the basement, but I don’t think that would give them enough room. Both couples applied for the basement suite, too, so I am going to have to figure out who would be a better fit. I’ll need to set up interviews with everyone in the next couple of days so I can meet them in person. Even though I think the family would need more space, I’ll meet with them and let them take a look. It could be that they cannot afford anything bigger, and if I get alone with all of them better than either of the couples (admittedly, this is a long shot, since that doubles the amount of people living in my basement, but who knows?), they might be a better fit in the long run. I’m hoping that when I call Dana in a few minutes, she’ll be able to tell me if people will be finished orientation tomorrow and able to come see the rooms. I really hope that I can help some of these people out. And no one on any of the applications indicated that they have any food allergies, so that won’t have to be a deciding factor (which, now that I think about it, would be a really silly way to decide).

Speak of the devil, Dana just phoned and said that there are people hoping I can do interviews tomorrow, so I decided to set up one big open house for the people who applied – that way, I can see how people interact with each other, just to see if there are histories that would prevent people from living together or any of that type of thing. I’ve also just decided that it would be a nice touch to have some appetizers available for when people come, so they will know kind of what to expect as far as food goes. I’m open to learning new dishes as I go, and I’m not a horrible cook, but what I do tends, for the most part, to be simple fare. I’ll have to see what I have in the kitchen, and then make a run to the grocery store before it closes. I’ve never really done appetizers before, at least not on purpose, but I figure it isn’t anything more complicated than making some finger food, which is what I tend to eat when I am feeling too lazy to really cook, so I’m sure I can whip up a few dips, get some vegetables and make a couple of cake/cookie/desert type things that will be easy to just pick up and munch on. I don’t know if I will bother to make anything that has to stay hot throughout the open house, though, because I don’t know how I would pull that off.



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