February 18th

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I passed my housing inspection! I can take in tenants whenever I find suitable applicants, which should be any day now, since the buses just arrived back into town. I didn’t even realize our town had buses for missions like this, let alone four of them that seem to function rather well.

I still have no idea how many people The Council has taken in, nor do I know if there will be anyone that will be a suitable tenant, but I feel like I’ll meet at least one person I want as a tenant. The applications are already with The Council representatives, and they have my number so people can arrange to view the house and the rooms I have available. I just might have pulled off being completely organized – at least until new people are wandering around my house, which will likely feel really strange for the first little while.

I was told not to expect any calls for the first couple of days, since everyone gets a few nights in temporary accommodation so they can attend orientation and have questions answered about how things work in our town. I’m okay with that, since I can always get a few more little things knocked off the To Do list before I start showing people around, but a part of me just wants to meet people and get it over with. I have never really been one to enjoy waiting, especially when I don’t have a concrete idea of how long I will be waiting (I prefer everything to have its own set time and date, rather than trying to will the phone to ring).

I made sure to get myself out for a run today, partly because I need it and partly for distraction. As long as I don’t become a workaholic, this should be an interesting new chapter to my life – not to mention, it will be easier to write in this journal when I have more interesting things to say than “I’m still busting my butt” and “I’m still waiting for this/that/the other thing”. There is nothing worse than just waiting for action or excitement to find me.

I might treat myself to a new pair of sweats when I get my first paying tenant, considering mine are getting a little big in the waist and it is a pain to try to hold them up when they start to slip. Fortunately for my other pants, I still have a couple more belt notches I can tighten to before that becomes a huge issue, and considering I don’t have a great track record (huh, running humour, I’m so funny) for getting out there regularly, I’m sure it won’t be any issue any time soon; the sweats were just big to begin with.

Shockingly, there’s actually food in my fridge, so I think I am going to make something elaborate and delicious to celebrate passing the inspection. I might even crack open some of Mother’s old cook books for inspiration. I’m going to be cooking a lot more often, and in a bigger volume, so I suppose I should get used to different recipes so no one gets bored. (I also hope I remembered to put that section about food preferences and allergies on the application… I’m 99% sure I did… Yeah, I must have…)

Gah, sorry, talking about work again, but at least it is something I enjoy (not that I hated working at the shop, but now I get the added adventure of being my own boss). Challenge, intrigue and the occasional barricade breach to keep us on our toes – sometimes I wonder if my life could be a sitcom, or one of those dramas they show as reruns on the television when there is no news to report. I suppose it is all in the way you look at it – antics or hardship? I’d choose the first, although I don’t know if I’ll ever view zombies as funny.



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