February 16th

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Still no buses have arrived from outside the barricade; the representative I talked to at The Council said not to expect them until tomorrow at the very earliest – I’m taking a break. All this work and no play is making me feel a little bit crazy, and a breather is needed so I don’t start waking up in the middle of the night raving about paint colours and forms I need to deliver to The Council.

I went for my first run in I don’t even know how long, showered up and treated myself to a lunch at the diner, blissfully trying to forget everything to do with paperwork, cleaning and responsibility. I figure I have earned a break, even if it is going to be a short one, and even if I am going to have to bust my butt tomorrow to get a lot more work done. No one can go at it 24/7, not even a land lady, and I figure that even though it is an “all the time” kind of job, that doesn’t mean there are going to be problems or situations that require my attention all the time.

I dropped into Andrew’s store to look at paint for some of the furniture, and talked him into another day of helping me clean and organize tomorrow (in truth, it didn’t take much talking – I think he likes getting out of his new place and spending time somewhere that feeds him meals that don’t come directly from a can). I figure that will get the house pretty much in shape for my inspection, and I can always work on a list of little To Do items as they become important. If we get all of the physical work done, I’ll also be able to focus on getting paperwork and other details sorted out.

I’ve never felt so ready to meet new people. It is a really strange sensation, considering I have never really put much thought into wanting to meet anyone before I decided to open up my house. Even when I was at school, I was never excited for the first day of getting to know people – I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about anything that I can remember, so I guess that is a new sensation as well. I feel like I will be able to make a difference in the lives of the people who are currently being rescued, and if I can get a functional social life out of that, I’ll be sitting pretty. If not, maybe I’ll try to find tenants who have a cat that can take a liking to me (just kidding, I’m sure people will like me just fine).

Okay, maybe I am a little nervous, but I’m choosing to believe that is a good thing – it means that I want to succeed, and if I want to succeed, I will try really hard to make sure I do things correctly. I’m sure I’ll do fine, too, considering the facts: I’m smart, I’ve talked the ears off a few representatives from The Council to make sure I am making all the right moves, and my accommodations are turning out to be really excellent rooms, not to mention that if Andrew’s appetite is any indication, I can cook well, too, which will have to be a hit with the tenants. As long as I keep this up, short of something being a psychopath, I won’t have a horrible household of tenants.

Anyway, I am going to finish writing up a few more things on my To Do list (the closest thing to work that I have done all day) before curling up in bed and focusing on a book. I just figure I should get the information written down or it will keep bothering me while I am trying to relax. And, of course, if I write it down now, I cannot forget it later. Logic – I find it works every time. Well, every time you aren’t trying to explain why zombies periodically attack my house, anyway.



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