February 15th

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The large majority of cleaning has been done in the down stairs space, and I was able to snag the furniture I need from The Centre, which will be arriving today. I also purchased a few sets of linen for each bed, and as soon as I finish scrubbing whatever is stinking up the one corner of the basement, I can move on to getting the office and dining room habitable. There is also an old freezer at The Centre that I am considering getting, so I can store more things in the pantry room off the kitchen. I might just wait until I have paying renters before investing in that, though, since I can make do with the fridge space that I have if I shop regularly.

I’m not going to lie – I am getting exhausted, and would love a break from all this work. Part of me is really tempted to take tomorrow off, since the buses haven’t arrived back in town yet, but I have this feeling that if I give myself a breather, they will roll in just as I am starting to nap. It just seems like every time I strike something off my To Do List, another three items are added. I want to get all of this right, so I don’t have to deal with consequences down the line from doing things half-assed. I think the happy medium on this one will be working my ass off until the delivery arrives, getting that sorted and into place, then taking the evening off – or using it to do some of the paper work instead of the physical work.

I’m glad that I paid Andrew in meals, because otherwise I would have only been working on coffee for the last few days, which is probably another reason why I am feeling like I need to slow down, have a day where I eat properly and am not fueled exclusively by nerves and caffeine. Besides, once everyone gets here, there are a few days before they really get a chance to find a place to live; people are interviewed about their experiences and where they are from, they are given information about the town and have blood tests to make sure they aren’t carrying anything that needs to be treated before they can mingle with the rest of us. I believe they also are given help in finding jobs, and The Council makes sure they still have access to their personal bank accounts – which is so much better, considering we haven’t used paper and coins for currency in a long time, but that also means that there was a while where people from other towns were hacking accounts and doing all sorts of things to mess with people’s security. Once people have a place to live, their rent is automatically put into my account at the beginning of each month (which makes things easy) and employers automatically pay their employees in the same way. It has been quite a while since the system has had a glitch, and The Council has been very good about securing people’s accounts and watching the histories of transactions for irregularities. I guess we are just lucky that we had so many bankers living here when they barricade went up, otherwise we might have to do switch to some primitive form of currency for deals throughout the town, and the city would have a hell of a time getting supplies in if they didn’t have any access to their bank accounts.

The system has pretty much always worked, so I haven’t put much thought into it, but I wonder, now that I am blathering on the topic, if people have access to the accounts of dead loved-ones and what happens to those accounts if no one knows the information when someone dies? I guess I am lucky that Mother had everything put in my name before she unexpectantly died.



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