February 12th

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

A notice came today from The Council that forewarned of an expected massive influx of people who will be moving into our town from another town due to a massive attack that wiped out a lot of their population and left them with few defenses. I can’t think of any other time where The Council has been so blunt in explaining anything to us, as mere citizens. I already had an official call from a representative of The Council about the rooms I have for rent, and when I mentioned that I would have a basement suite eventually, they told me to get it finished as soon as possible. It will still be a little while until the new people arrive, as some of our buses have been dispatched to collect survivors and any salvageable supplies. I guess I’ll have to dismiss the level by level approach and get into the basement as soon as I finish writing this entry.

Once I’d talked to The Council representative, I took a trip for more cleaning supplies and stopped in at the hardware store to ask Andrew if he would be willing to help me out in exchange for meals. He is free this evening, and has a couple of days off after that, so he figured it was as good as task as any to occupy his time, which is brilliant for me. I will also need to acquire a bed and some basic furniture for the basement suite, unless, by some fluke of luck, the garbage piles are hiding said items.

When asked, I told The Council representative that I would be more than willing to take in a small family once the suite is finished, and am really just looking for a couple well-behaved people to take the upper rooms. I also agreed to give them a copy of my application, so they can hand it out to those who would fit my living situation. I also discussed that the rent could include some meals, which seemed to make the representative happy – apparently they have seen situations where lots of people are in the same house and end up eating each other’s food, which becomes some sort of supplies war, and things turn negative. I don’t want to deal with that, so the advised that I figure out some “House Rules” for people to abide by and agree to if they choose to rent my rooms. I’m slightly blown away at house sudden this development feels, which seems ridiculous considering that everything is moving quickly. I’m glad that The Council is helping me sort out how to do this, because I imagine I wouldn’t have thought of having House Rules until after someone annoyed the crap out of me and had to be evicted. The Council representative also promised to send a copy of the Housing Laws, so I will know what the legal requirements are as far as evictions, rental agreements and all that type of paperwork. I really am going to need that office done, right after the suite, and since I will be feeding people, I need that dining room done, too.

I’m brewing a nice big pot of coffee; I don’t usually buy it, because of the expense, but I think that Andrew and I are going to need it, and it might help us get everything sorted and cleaned before the buses start arriving. If I could have the house in tip-top shape by next week, I can have The Council representative do a tour, since that is one of the legal requirements, which would also give me an opportunity of talk to them and ask questions about how to be a successful land lady. I also have to prove that my kitchen is safe (the man I talked to told me about a situation where the landlord was in charge of food but didn’t actually have a fridge and the meat that they cooked made everyone really ill), as this helps in getting recommended to the new people accepted to our town.

I feel exhausted just thinking about how little sleep I can expect in the new week.



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