February 11th

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I made up a few signs to hang near The Centre advertising my room rentals. I’ve taken a look at old adverts I’ve found in Mother’s junk for room and board (or just rooms for rent) and picked a price that was comparable, since I couldn’t really think of a different way to price it. I’ll put those posters up the next time I go out, and that will force me into becoming a land lady instead of me humming and hawing over it forever before I actually get a move on. For all I know, it is going to be a while before there is anyone who needs a place to stay. Frankly, I still find it amazing that The Council is still finding people to bring into our town after all these years since the zombies started attacking. I wonder if people have been out there, surviving in small groups or on their own for years at a time before finding us, or if they are coming from other large communities who have fallen. I suppose the threat took a while to spread around the whole country, and since it started close to us, we’ve had this shifted way of life longer than other people. I think that half of the reason I want to be a land lady is to hear the stories of people who grew up outside of these city walls.

It will be a little longer before I can advertise for the basement suite, though, considering I haven’t even started down there. I have most of the junk out of the office, and was delighted to find that there is a desk in there, which will come in handy. There is even a shelf, although it might be on its last legs so I’m going to have to test it and see how much weight it can hold. Now I need to find an office chair, and I’m hoping that the one I remember Mother having years ago is in the basement somewhere, and that it is still in some sort of decent condition. I shudder even thinking about going down in that basement sometimes. It seems like it is a much bigger job than I will be able to do. Maybe I can offer a reduced months’ rent to some new tenants if they agree to help me out. Or maybe Andrew would be willing to help me cart junk out of the basement in exchange for a few home-cooked meals; it is just as easy to cook extra food as it is to cook for myself (and sometimes I cook extra even when it is just be anyway, because then I have an easy lunch I can just heat up the next day). I’ll have to investigate my options.

There were still blood stains on the road where the recent attacks took place when I went for my morning run. I think that the Recovery Team figured that the rain would deal with that detail, but it didn’t fully wash them away. I had to stop myself from speculating who it belonged to, and whether it was shed before or after that person died. Seeing the scenes puts me into a macabre and depressed mood, but I feel better now that I’ve run, showered and had some lunch. The annoying thing is that I sometimes feel like I need a shower after clearing junk from the various rooms I am fixing up, because I’m constantly lifting things and brushing against things, which tends to end in a sweaty and gross Miriam. At least if I shower after my run, I don’t have to smell gross through the entire work day; instead, it creeps up on me so that I hardly notice it until I sit down in the kitchen for a snack or some tea. If I’m going to run the next morning, sometimes I just do a quick bird bath so I don’t smell when I go to bed, but if I’m planning anything else for the next day, I sometimes end up having to take that second shower, or if it has been a hard day, I rest my muscles in the bath. That bubble bath always tempts me, but since it is such a luxury, I’m saving it for some day when I really need to be cheered up. I definitely needed it after the last attack.

Now I just have to hope that the applicants I get for the rooms aren’t jerks – although I would just tell them to get the hell out if they were. I just hate talking to jerks.



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