February 4th

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I’m completely out of coffee and haven’t slept since I got the news about Kevin, but the closet is not cleaned out, scrubbed down and has my clothing in it (and my clothing doesn’t take up even a quarter of the space in there). I also scrubbed down all the surfaces in the en suite, and all the plumbing still works after all these years of non-use, so that’s a bonus. I’ve also moved all of my toiletries from the main bathroom to the en suite, and cleaned out that bathroom. The only thing I have left on this floor is to clean my old room thoroughly, since it is empty.

I’m completely moved into the master bedroom and on a weird balance between exhausted and exhilarated. I haven’t decided if I’m going to pass out now or try to stay up until tonight so I get a proper night sleep at the regular time. I’m running low on cleaning supplies, so I’m going to walk to the market after I finish this entry. I figure the fresh air will either wake me up or cause me to realize how completely tired I am without an IV of coffee and get me to either nap or sleep until some horrifically early hours tomorrow morning.

It is an oddly freeing feeling to be getting all this work done. I’m saying goodbye to things that should never have been kept here so long, and have the potential to find things out about my past (or just life before the zombie invasion in general). I decided that I would wait to go through all the files that I found in the master bedroom (someday I’ll start referring to it as my bedroom) until after I have finished going through the rest of the house. I still have the dining room and the room that will become the office to do on the main floor, and then I will have the gargantuan task of clearing out the basement to turn it into a suite for a couple, or maybe a couple with a small child, depending on who next comes through the barricade and needs somewhere to live. Fortunately I never let Mother use the main floor bathroom as a storage space, so that will be easily accessible while tenants are living in the basement or using the common areas.

I also realized that if I am going to have more people living here, I’m going to need another refrigerator – either for tenants to use themselves, or for the extra food I’ll need for feeding them. Fortunately, the pantry is huge and I have never seen it fully stocked in my life, so that shouldn’t be an issue, and I can see if the dishwasher still works (I haven’t used it since Mother died, since it is easier to just hand wash the dishes for one person).

As hokey as it sounds, I am using Kevin’s tragedy as a sign that I was meant to move on and create this new business for myself. I’ve always said I would hate to find a new job working for someone other than Kevin if the shop closed, and now, I don’t have to. I do miss my boss, and it really sucks that he had to die like that, but I’m trying to look on the bright side of this completely bleak and horrible situation. I figure it is time to focus on what I want out of life, so I can know what I am fighting for the next time I come face to face with one of those slimy, no good, rotten zombies.



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