February 3rd

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I got a call first thing this morning tell me not to come into work today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a spontaneous vacation given to me by Kevin – it was a member of the Recovery Team who called to inform me that my boss was killed in an attack at the shop, and as a result the shop is completely trashed and not able to be open for business. It looks like it will actually be closed until someone else purchases it, actually, and the damage is so bad that it might not even be the smoothie shop after someone else takes it over. I am, effectively, unemployed, and yet another person I like has been murdered by the walking dead. Fantastic.

Although I am well off because I still have inheritance saved up from Mother’s passing, I liked having a job because it meant that I was pulling my own weight and not just wandering about with absolutely no purpose. I guess I can take that vacation now. I just didn’t want it to happen at Kevin’s expense.

I did quite a bit of shopping yesterday after my run (fortunately it started to rain just prior to be getting to the supermarket, so either people thought I was wet from that or the rain covered the sweat smell), so I decided that I could stay in again today and start working on clearing the closest. I figure that once I have the closet and en suite clear, I can get them surgically clean again, then sort through the potentially interesting trash at my leisure. It will be nice to have that whole room done, and the remainder of my wardrobe moved into the walk in closet. I’m going to have to think harder about taking in people for room and board, especially since I could now manage them more easily while still making money and feeling like I am doing something useful. Once my old room is clear, I can work on the other upstairs bedroom, and the basement could be turned into a really nice suite for a couple, which would leave the dining room for meals and the room next to it could be an office space. The living room and kitchen are already set up really well to be common spaces. I would just need to figure out what to charge, whether I really do want to include meals (perhaps just dinner, with “make it yourself” items for breakfast and lunch?) and how to do find tenants. Everyone would need to fill out an application, so I can weed through anyone who is interested… It would be a lot of work, but at least I would be doing something to help people while still keeping money coming in.

I was just about to put on the kettle for some tea when someone started banging on the front door. I figured it might be someone from the Recovery Team doing a follow-up regarding the damage, but I opened the door to a very startled and panic-faced Andrew. Apparently he’d seen the damage to the shop on the way to his job, heard that someone who worked there had died, and thought it might be me. Since he never got my phone number, he came over to check on me. Although I’m still hurt by what he’s done in the past, he looked so genuinely relieved to see me that I asked him if he wanted to come in for tea.

I’ll admit, it was an incredibly awkward moment, both of us huddled over steaming mugs and trying to figure out what to say to each other. He finally settled on, “I’m sorry,” and told me how he didn’t mean to hurt me or say stupid things about me (and reminded me that he didn’t even know he was talking about me). I told him I was still hurt, but accepted his apology. I was about to tell him about my new plans for the house, but he realized that his break from work was going to be up soon and he had to rush to get there, as is. I let him use the phone to warn his boss, whom he’d told that he was going to check on a friend who might have been in last night’s attack, and then he was out the door in a flash. I don’t know if he would pass the tenants’ application, but I don’t think it would be a good idea. Perhaps we can start with trying to be friends, since he seems to care if I live or die.



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