February 2nd

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I decided to work on the bathroom first, and almost immediately regretted my choice. It clearly wasn’t used for its intended purpose for many years before my Mother died, but rather, it was filled with more books, newspapers and random bits and pieces. I worked pretty late last night, and have just stopped for a lunch break today, and I still haven’t found the back wall or the floor. I might only be a few inches from being able to see if the sink still works, though. At least the mountain of crap didn’t leave too much room for dirt and grime to pile up in there as well. I’m thinking that by the end of the evening I could have everything out of there and shorted into two stacks: things to throw out (using the usual methods instead of finding a dumpster) and things to search through more thoroughly at a later time to see if they are worth keeping.

I figure that I’ll never get through to the floor of the en suite before going back to work if I look at everything piece by piece, and some things are just obviously uninteresting junk. Anything that isn’t ripped up might be interesting to read later, so I’ve been separating those items into different sections on my massive bookcases based on size. I figure that going through it all will take the length of a vacation, and I really don’t know when I will have that type of time.

I think that I might try to go for a run after lunch, before returning to the en suite task, just to break things up and make it so I’m not just slaving away every instant that I’m away from my job. Running calms me down and I always feel really energized yet relaxed afterward. It also means I’ll actually get out of the house today. I’m still trying to decide if I am going to bother to make an extravagant dinner for myself tonight, so I can have leftovers for lunch and dinner for the next few work days. The only problem is I don’t want to leave the en suite unfinished, but I figure I should be spending some time outside of what was formerly Mother’s room. Maybe I can figure something out that either won’t take forever to cook, or I can prep and then leave in the oven to do its thing while I attend to the en suite.

Right, decided – I’ll go pull on some sweats, bring my wallet with me so I can shop afterward (I don’t care if people see me all covered in sweat), prep something delicious, shower, get back to the en suite, toss dinner in the oven, more en suite, eat dinner, and then work on the en suite until this task is complete.

I just have to pray that this excellent plan doesn’t get invaded by either zombies or scumbags, both of whom seem to be trying really hard to make my life much more complicated and annoying than it needs to be. Honestly, it feels like the barricade is being breached more often – or maybe those piles of bones are getting smarter and some are hiding really well while others are getting caught. Seems unlikely, given how thorough the Recovery Team is, but who knows? That would make life even more interesting, but not in a way that I would outright hope for. It would actually be nice if they would all either a) drop dead or b) go into the sea so we could have the land back. That way I might actually be able to adventure outside of this town before I die. I might get to see the world, meet someone I like who doesn’t turn out to be a jerk, and have a life that is more interesting to write about than a girl who hides in her house, cleaning her dead mother’s room.



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