January 29th

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I’m exhausted, but I did it. Everything cleared out of the bedroom (except what I wanted to keep there) and I moved my things in. The only problem is I still have the closet and the en suite bathroom to go through and I ran out of weekend. I have another day off three days from now, so hopefully I’ll be able to tackle those tasks then, not to mention clean up my old room. The more I think about renting out my extra rooms, the more it seems like a good idea, although I don’t know if I’m just romanticising the idea: picturing great people who will clean up after themselves, not cause any drama and pay their rent on time. Knowing my luck, I’d have people forgetting to lock the door when they leave.

Work today was really busy, and I finally found out that the boss did do a lot of advertising while he was out of the shop. It looks like most folks didn’t even know we were there, so he started plastering the town with posters and even handed out flyers around the neighbourhood. He thinks that convenience foods are going to make a come back, but I don’t think they’ll be that convenient (not so quick) if we don’t figure out a way to either make smoothies faster or spread people out through the day, instead of everyone rushing in at once. We might need another person to work with us, and I can only hope that they want to run the cash register so I can go back to just making the smoothies instead of the small talk. It is okay with the boss is there, but we can’t be there all day every day – especially when I have hobbies that I am trying not to neglect.

The rain made a run after work seem like a pretty horrible idea, so I came straight home to a pretty empty fridge. I hate walking home from the grocery store in the rain, so I’m treating myself to a meal at the dinner. I figure I deserve it after all my hard work over the weekend – not to mention capturing that zombie, which everyone in the dinner seems to already know about. I heard a few people talking about it as I came in the door, but it doesn’t seem like they know it was me. It is fun to overhear stories about yourself when people are excited and impressed by what they are talking about, instead of some horrible gossip (not that I’ve overheard any of that about myself, but I assume it wouldn’t be much fun). It felt a little bit like I had a secret identity – as though I was hiding a super power and listening to stories about myself without anyone knowing.

Only for a second, though. I’m probably just imagining all the heroic sounding parts. Mostly, I was terrified, but at least I act quickly when I’m attacked. And I didn’t lose another knife this time, which is always a bonus.

It seems like there have been more breaches than usual in the past little while, but I don’t know for sure, since I don’t keep a calendar of these things. That’s probably someone’s job at The Council; they record what dates there were breaches, how many people were injured, where the breach occurred in the barricade, that type of thing. It might make for some interesting data if it wasn’t so gross, and didn’t have to do with some many people being scared and getting hurt. I wonder if anyone is worried about our population decreasing. Sure, a few neighbours have kids, but it doesn’t really make much sense for that to be a priority in my life when they could be taken away at any moment by a stray zombie. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure it’s not something I can just do on my own, and since that’s my current state of being, there’s not much use thinking about it. Oh, here comes my dinner…



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