January 28th

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I took more bags of donation items to the Centre, and found a dumpster to toss some of the garbage bags into, instead of having to keep them in the house for a couple of weeks. I’m nearly done the cleaning process, and hope to move onto moving my things into my new room this evening.

The part that I’m not telling you is how I found something interesting in the dumpster that I tossed Mother’s actual junk into. You don’t really expect anything in a dumpster to move, let alone grab your arm as you are heaving a bag inside. It was a zombie, and I narrowly escaped getting bitten.

I’m sure my screams could be heard from blocks away. As I lifted the lid with one arm and tried to drag the very heavy garbage bag up with the other, I was a little preoccupied and didn’t seem to register the weird growling noise. As I pushed the last corner of the bag through the thin gap I was able to create by bracing my arm against the lid, a bony, rotten denim-clad arm grabbed around the wrist holding the lid up. I immediately dropped the lid, which severed the hand and part of the lower arm. Tearing the offending piece of putrid corpse off my arm, I quickly checked to make sure there were no scratches before the zombie started banging on the lid, no doubt trying to escape. I quickly grabbed the next garbage back with both hands and flung it on top of the lid. I had a total of three bags with me, and had fortunately decided to toss the bag with the hole in the bottom into the dumpster first, which means I had two full and weighty garbage bags to put on top of the lid. Still, the zombie kept bashing against it, threatening to knock the bags off and the lid open, so, while still yelling at the top of my lungs for help, I climbed on the dumpster and added my weight to the lid.

It felt like forever, but eventually two men came around the corner to see what I was yelling about. I told the first man to call the Recovery Team and then strongly encouraged the other man to find a chain or rope – something to put through the locking bars so it would be more secure and I wouldn’t end up being catapulted off the lid while we sat around waiting for the team to arrive. He found both, so he wrapped the chain around a couple of times and then tied the ends together with the rope. I had him triple check the knots before I gingerly jumped off the front of the dumpster. By now, a small crowd had formed at the end of the alley; people wanted to see what was going on, but didn’t want to be in striking distance. The chain guy and I decided that the Recovery Team could check the other dumpsters, and waited a few feet inward of the crowd, knowing that the Recovery Team would need to take our statements.

The team arrived and told everyone to get back inside their houses. Most of the team went to work loading the dumpster into the back of a truck and checking the rest of the alley and surrounding areas while an older Recover guy took us to one of the Recovery vans and took our statements inside. When that was over, the guy who phoned and the guy who found the chains (I think they were named Allen and Jeff, but I can’t say for sure if I remember, because my heart was still pounding in my ears) were escorted home by another officer while the older guy drove me home. It was only a few blocks, but I was glad for the service, anyway.

Needless to stay, I am even more motivated to stay inside tonight and finish everything up, instead of going out for a run. I might even be able to sleep in my new room, and christen it with new nightmares.



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