January 27th

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

To be honest, I don’t know what time I finally went to sleep last night. I kept telling myself just one more junk pile, but after I had sorted that pile, I just kept moving on to the next. I probably would have slept in there if Mother’s bedspread wasn’t completely gross from being there all those years.

Anything that is either books, made of paper or movies has been put on the bookshelves (which I cleared off first). I still need to go through the papers in detail, but at least I have a process now. I’ve tossed a lot of ratty clothing that I hadn’t seen my Mother where for years before her death into the laundry before putting them in donation bags. I was right, too – I seemed to remember a small tv with a dvd player, and when I tested them, they still worked. It looks like I can have a home theatre right in my new bedroom.

Even though I was up late, I still woke up around 8am. This called for coffee, which was sadly not one of the supplies I stocked up on last night, so I treated myself to pancakes and coffee at the dinner. Once I was more awake, I thought a run might be a good idea, but when I came home to get some sweats, I veered back into the master bedroom instead and lost myself in there until well after lunchtime. I still have about half of the room to go through, but I have filled lots of garbage bags with either donation items or garbage. I just got back from taking a few more bags to the Centre. If I’m not careful, they’ll soon know me by name. The girl who always seems to be there when I drop things off must think I’m robbing people, or something.

I’m going to finish sorting anything that is able to go through the laundry tonight, and get it all clean dried before I look through and decide if it is worth keeping. Mother did have a few nice pieces of clothing that I might be able to salvage for myself, and if I can get the musty smell out of the bedspreads, it will save me buying a new one, considering the one of my bed won’t fit. I forgot that Mother had a king size bed. I poked at it a little (after stripping the bedspreads and sheets) and I think it is going to be extremely comfortable as soon as it is clean and covered in my pillows.

While the laundry is on, I’ll try to tackle the windows. I don’t think I have the mental aptitude to look through the papers tonight, since I’m mostly running on caffeine and excitement. Once those are done and all the stacks are sorted, it’s going to be a huge chore to clean the walls and floor (who knew dust built up in such a gross layer of film like that?). I might consider painting my new room, depending on what colour the walls turn out to be under the layer of gross.

I feel like I’m ahead of schedule, although if I want to move all of my stuff in before I go back to work, I might be lagging a little bit. I’ll see how this last push goes, and who knows – maybe doing laundry will keep me up long enough to get the place looking habitable before the sun comes back up.

I wonder why I didn’t have this much ambition when I was clearing a stack here and a stack there in other rooms. Maybe I just need a clear mental image of the end product, and what it could mean for me, and I’ll be able to attack the other rooms on my new few days off. Maybe I could start renting out rooms, assuming there’s anyone who needs one, and we get along.



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