January 20th

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

I slept in a little bit and was out the door before Andrew woke up. I hope he finds the key I left him next to the couch. He looked so peaceful, and I used to hate when Mother would wake me before it was completely necessary, so I grabbed an apple, dumped the keys and bolted as quietly as I could.

The neighbours taking their kids to school looked at me like I was doing something weird while I munched my apple on the way to work. Whatever, I figure it is better to eat on the run that stand there starving all day as I give food to other people.

Work is going fine, so far. I haven’t had very many customers, so I finished my daily cleaning list before the boss even showed up, so I guess I got some gold stars for that. He quickly realized it wasn’t going to be a record day in sales, so he asked if I wanted to take my break early – that way he can ditch out for a while and I can continue leaning on the sparkling counters and watch the clock. Obviously, I was fine with this plan. It would be nice if he used those few free hours to drive up some business, though, so I don’t fall asleep at the cash box.

Before grabbing this journal out of my bag, I called my house to remind Andrew to lock up (and to make sure he found the key). He answered with a really awkward “Miriam’s Summers’ house” and I couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t sure if it was okay for him to answer my phone. I told him I was obviously fine with him answering my phone, especially when I’m calling, and made sure he found the key. I almost hung up before telling him the door has a trick to it – you have to pull the knob tight and jiggle the key out a little bit before turning it. I’ve had the motion down pat since I was a kid, but Mother always had a problem with it.

Andrew offered to drop off the key on his way to work, which I accepted, because he’ll be training until late and I don’t have a spare to get back in the house. I’m hoping to go for another run after work, since the latest attack sort of messed up my beginnings of s schedule. Well, that and having a house guest. Not that he has messed this up, but he is quite distracting (which is good, sometimes very good).

Well, the boss is gone, and I’ve decided the coast is clear enough for me to keep writing at the front counter, as long as I tuck this journal back into my bag in the unlikely chance a customer comes in. The only thing is, I don’t really have much to say. Work is usual, no attacks since that last one, and I still have my handsome houseguest sleeping on the couch.

How much longer will he be sleeping on the couch? I mean, should I take him up on his offer to find a new place? Should we clear out a room so he can have his own, and maybe pay rent? Should we clear out Mother’s old room, and we can share it?

Oh, no, that’s thinking way too far in advance. The name of the game (not that this is a game, not to me, and I hope not to him) is Slow. I wonder if I’ll hurt his feelings, asking him to get his own place? I like seeing him, I really do, but cohabitation when we barely know each other makes me nervous.

Speak of the handsome devil, here he comes with my keys…



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