January 18th

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

It was strange seeing the lights on in my house when I came home last night. It was stranger still to have someone in the house, waiting for me when I got there. Neither of those things has happened since high school.

It turns out that Andrew had dug through the cabinets, fridge and freezer and put together a really good meal. He used the last of the chicken, several remnants of vegetables (either the last bit of something in the fridge or freezer, leftover from another meal) and baked it all together. It was delicious. It has been so long since someone else cooked for me (besides at the diner) that I didn’t know what to say.

It turns out that Andrew’s interview will be tomorrow (he found out by going to visit and follow-up at the hardware store that seemed interested in employing him). That’s good. I don’t know if this is a rational reaction, but I am looking forward to having the house to myself for a while tomorrow. I’m not used to sharing it, and I’m not even sure if I am sharing it with a boy I like or a boy I’m in a relationship with. Everything just happened so fast, and of course I want to help him out, but I also have never done this and need to take things really slow.

He must have sensed something was on my mind, because although I thanked him for the dinner, and told him he didn’t have to do the dishes (it was the least I could do, considering he cooked for me), he asked if I was okay with him being there. I assured him that he’s welcome, and that it was just a strange change for me. I like having him around, I really do, but I’m afraid that maybe he’s only here because it keeps him out of the rain.

Am I thinking about this too hard? I mean, I’m pretty sure he likes me. He kissed me, after all, and the last I checked, you don’t kiss people you don’t like.

He kissed me again after dinner, and ignored my request that he leave the dishes to me.

He has to be on the level, right? I’m just freaking myself out because I am in unfamiliar territory.

I told Andrew about that old zombie movie of Mother’s that I found, “Shaun of the Dead” and suggested we watch it. He didn’t seem to believe me that it could be an enjoyable comedy, but I figured we needed an activity where we could just relax. I needed to clean my head and stop stressing out.

Despite the reality of the plotline, given our present living situation, we both laughed through the funny parts of the movie. I had to translate a little of their accents, since I’d figured out the lines the last time I watched it, but all in all, we had fun. I just have to make sure to tell him that he should probably not mention the movie to anyone else, since The Council would have a field day.

As I made to get up and go upstairs to bed, Andrew pulled me in for a long, slow kiss, and thanked me for letting him stay. He hopes the interview goes well tomorrow, so he can either start pitching in for groceries, or find his own place – whichever I prefer.

Which do I prefer? I have no idea.



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