January 16th

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Andrew escaped a situation so horrible that I never even imagined it, since I grew up in this town that barricaded at the first sign of danger.

The place Andrew came from was pretty religious, which has always been challenging for him, because he’s not religious. He told his parents at an early age that he was an atheist and they tried to accept it, but kept going to church on Sundays and asked him along every week, even though he always said no. It turns out that when the zombies started walking the earth, people didn’t feel it was right to kill them, and that is was a sign that everyone who was good would soon be taken up to heaven. Even when live folks were attacked, the zombies were confined to churches instead of destroyed. Andrew kept trying to tell the town that what they were doing was wrong, but they kept telling him that he was either going to hell or would be plagued to walk the earth until the end of time while they were delivered onto salvation.

More and more zombies came to their town, and more and more places were used as holding facilities.

The zombies often escaped their church confines, and there were devotees who would put them back, praying to God for their souls as they used 2 by 4s to prod zombies into place instead of destroying them. One broke free and was faster than the devotees as Andrew happened to be walking by the church. When it saw Andrew, it attacked. He had no choice but to hit it over the head with his baseball bat. He kept hitting it until the brain was completely destroyed. He said he was looking down on it, making sure it wasn’t still moving, when the devotees starting yelling things like, “Murderer!” and “You are going to hell!” at him. They were coming at him, and they were pissed. He figured they were about to lock him up with the zombies, so he ran.

He left the town, which wasn’t too hard because it wasn’t even barricaded, after tossing a few supplies from home into a backpack. He tried to convince his parents to come with him, but they felt that their place was their home. Part of him knew that they wouldn’t survive if they left, since both of his parents have health issues, but he feels really guilty about leaving them behind. The Council let him try to call them when he was admitted, but their line was down.

He had to sneak out of town, around the hordes of devotees that wanted him to answer for his crimes. He just kept walking, and camped out when he got tired. He didn’t get much sleep, because he was always worried he’d be attacked while passed out. He used his bat to destroy more zombies that he could count, and at one point he met a large group and only lived by our running them and climbing a fence. He had to kill three zombies with bats outside the barricade before the guards helped him in and held him for questioning by The Council. He’s only been here two weeks, but he left home two months ago.

Today, we had to leave the house, as I couldn’t miss another shift at work, but he’s meeting me again after work. It turns out he has been staying in the woods, as he didn’t have enough money when he arrived to spend on accommodation. He saves it all for food and is looking for work while I’m writing this on my break at my job.



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