January 14th

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Once I slipped into jeans and a t-shirt and tip-toed back downstairs, Andrew was just waking up. He looked up as I came around the corner to the living room and asked how long he’d been asleep. I told him he’d passed out by the time I came back with tea, and that it was now time for breakfast. He seemed kind of embarrassed that he’d slept for so long, and his previously wet hair was doing some extremely entertaining acrobatics. I offered another cup of tea, as long as he promised to be awake when it was brewed, and pointed him in the direction of the closest bathroom.

That meant he had to go by what would be the dining room if it weren’t still full of Mother’s junk. I didn’t even think of that until he joined me in the kitchen and asked if I had just moved in or was doing some early Spring cleaning. I must have turned 4 shades of red, and bumbled my words a little as I explained the project that was on hiatus. I told him that Mother had been gone since my last year of high school.

It turns out that Andrew isn’t much of a breakfast eater, but he sat with me as I chowed down some cereal. He apologized again, saying that I must think he was a lousy date.

There is was – the D word. Had it been a date? Was he just joking? I covered my brain overload my taking my time swallowing the present spoonful of cereal before admitting that things were going fine until I bored him to sleep.

Then he told me I wasn’t boring. He said it while looking right into my eyes. I left the spoon in the bowl this time, and my heart flicked as his hand brushed a strand of hair from the side of my face. I felt his fingers curl around the back of my neck and gently pull me toward him. I was about to have my first kiss, and it was going to be with an amazingly attractive and mysterious guy who didn’t think I was boring.

That is, of course, until an ear-splitting crash sent shavings of glass flying at us from the kitchen window. It was just my stupid luck that a freaking zombie shows up at that exact moment. I leapt to my feet and scanned for something to strike the head of the creature trying to boost itself through my window. There was a large knife in the drying rack and I wasted no time grabbing it and driving it through the creature’s skull. It let out a scream and went limp, half way through the window.

I yelled at a very astonished Andrew to find something in the dining room to block the window, in case this monster had friends, and shoved it back out the window.

I keep losing knives this way.

I ran hot water over my hands to get to stench of zombie off them as Andrew rounded the corner with junk I’d never seen before. After we wedged a few of Mother’s treasures across the broken window and peaked through other windows to make sure no other surprises where creeping around with Mr. Mood-Killer, I rechecked all the locks on the first floor and called The Council to report the breach. They sent a team right away, and I got out the local phone tree to start calling neighbours to warn them about the breach. Andrew boiled more water and a new cup of tea appeared next to me about half way through the list. The recovery team arrived, assessed the scene and told us to stay put until they gave the all clear. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to work today, so I better give the boss a heads up before I finish this tea and help the team with replacing my window.



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