January 6th

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

No tunnels to report just yet, although I have a few more rooms with exterior walls to check. I’m not actually worried – it would just be surprising and intriguing. How did the tunnel get there? Did Mother know about it? Why have I never seen it before? (The answer to that last one if obviously “because there is way too much crap in the way”.)

I suppose I am just jumping at any chance for adventure. My headache finally went away after I cleared all of the stacks at the exterior wall of the dining room. At one point, I though the adjacent stacks might topple onto me, which made me want to rethink my whole system of junk removal. It wouldn’t do me any good to be trapped at the bottom of a stack of Mother’s “treasures”. It’s not like anyone comes to check on me. Then again, I don’t know if there would be anyone who cared, except Kevin, if I missed a shift.

Speaking of, today’s shift was really busy. It was the usual “hurray, we’re all alive, let’s celebrate with a smoothie” crowd, so at least most of them were happy. Even the regulars who often come in with GRUMPY written all over their faces weren’t a chore. Some even allowed me to take their order as “the usual” without trying to force-feed me their lists of substitutions. I wish they always remembered that I know what they take. It’s not a large population, and my memory is solid, so unless they are trying something new, I know what they want when they come in the door.

Well, this is true except for one customer today. I had never seen him before, and I don’t think he’s been in before, because it took him a really long time to look at the menu. Orange, Apple and Banana Smoothie ended up being his pick of choice. He stood there so long that I can still seem him if I think about it – black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, stained white shirt, brown hair needing a cut, green eyes forever upturned at the menu above my head. I’ll admit it – he was good-looking, enough so that I know I haven’t seen him in town before. I guess he must be a new citizen, courtesy of The Council. I didn’t ask, he didn’t tell. It was nice to have some eye candy, considering most of the guys I know from school, even the would-be attractive ones, are people I can picture doing immature things as kids; eating paste, pushing other kids off swings, tossing someone in the dumpster. It’s not that I hold a grudge (and it’s not like I was one of the kids tossed or pushed, since I was always good at being out-of-the-way), but I can’t help these pictures popping up in my brain whenever they pass on the sidewalk or look through me at the shop.

I’m surprised I’ve kept this whole journal writing thing going for nearly a week, to be honest. I know I want to do it to honour Rick and all, but there is going to come a point where I just have nothing to say. I’m going to try to write at least a page a day, but what’s going to happen when it turns into the same things said over and over again in different orders? Cleaned a stack, survived another attack, ate some food and worked another day for another dollar… Maybe I need a new hobby. Maybe I need a social life. I’ve gotten away with being solitary for this long, but maybe I’d have more to write about if I met some new people (not that they will replace those I’ve lost; I don’t want replacements, and come to think of it, I don’t want to lose anyone else…). I’ll let that idea marinate for a while.



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