January 5th

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

Yesterday’s breach was worse than originally anticipated. I turned on the television to watch Mother’s old movie, and the one channel we receive for community updates from The Council said the death toll was 4. That’s the highest in a really long time. I couldn’t watch the movie after that, even if the people on the back are quoted as saying it is a comedy. I don’t think these attacks are hilarious. I think they make me stay up way too late at night, double and triple checking any weaknesses around the house.

I know things are secure. I’ve been over this house a million times, and unless there is a tunnel behind a stack of Mother’s junk, there is no way in without a lot of force and noise.

I never thought about that before. A tunnel. Could that be how the attackers got in 4 years ago? Surely not, they had to have come in an easier way, like through the unlocked door. Mother never locked the door during the day. I lock the door every time I go through it.

I woke up with a horrible headache and called my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be in today. He figured it would be quiet anyway – business always does a downturn after a breach. No one really wants to wander out for a fresh blended juice, knowing that just hours before there were zombies in the street. I don’t blame them. Kevin, my boss, doesn’t either. Truth be told, that’s probably half the reason I called in sick, although my headache is still kicking around.

The strangest thing happens when I have headaches – although most people feel like crap and want to do nothing but lay in bed with the lights off, I get an amazing amount of energy. I’ve been hopping around the kitchen all morning. Perhaps I should have worked, and allowed Kevin to stay at home, but then I would have to talk to the customers, which is the worst part of my job. Many of them are really pushy, making changes to menu items and complaining, even when we make things exactly how they requested. Kevin is pretty good about letting me just make the smoothies and juices, knowing my memory for their orders, easily overheard from the counter, is rock solid. He deals with the people, I deal with the fruit. It works well, and it is quicker than one person doing both. Those blenders probably would have murdered all this energy, though, so I’ll go back to not feeling guilty about not going in today. Kevin will be fine.

And I can start looking through Mother’s stacks on the first floor, to make sure there aren’t any tunnels I don’t know about. Just to be on the safe side. Maybe I can get lots sorted today, and toss the rubbish tomorrow, when I’m sure there are no stragglers from the breach. A guy a few blocks over once found a zombie who had been stuck in his garden for God only knows how long. The previous breach was a week before, and the zombie was the only one found for another month. It got in through a hole in the fence while the man was staying with his sister across town, but something blocked the hole so it just kept making rounds until the man showed up to make sure his garden was still producing tomatoes. If I were him, I probably would have crapped myself and started getting my tomatoes from the market like everyone else – who knows how long that zombie had been traipsing through his foliage?

If I were to make a secret tunnel and block it with stacks of junk, it would be in the room one might call a dining room, if it wasn’t nearly full of stacks of junk. I’ll start there, just to put my over-stimulated brain to rest that there isn’t a way in or out that I don’t know about. Wish me luck.



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