January 4th

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear journal,

The barricade was breached again today. It’s strange that it happened so soon after the attack that Rick died in, but it did. It was on the other side of the compound as my house, but there were a lot of zombies this time, so they were half way through our small town before they were all taken care of. I saw one man walking away from it with sprays of blood all over his shirt and face. His eyes were deadpan and his limbs had the shake to them that I have grown to know as the after effects of adrenaline. One look at him passing me on the sidewalk and I knew I should be running home, to make sure it was intact and lock myself in it for the night. I turned on the news just to confirm I didn’t walk past a murderer instead of someone protecting us.

Not a lot of people die here by the hands of other people – there was a case a couple of years back where a guy found out his wife had been seeing another man. He waited until the next barricade breach and then killed her, hoping it would look like the zombies got to her. Unfortunately for him, it was pretty easy to tell that she had been attacked by someone alive – no bite marks, and zombies haven’t been known to use knives. I think that might have been the only murder since we put the town in lockdown ten years ago. At least, the only one we know about.

Our town tries to keep things as close to the normalcy of life before the outbreak as possible, but it is an odd feeling, knowing that we’ll never leave these city walls. I remember going on vacations with Mother before the walls went up, and remembered enjoying sitting in the passenger seat of the car, just looking as the world passed me by. Now, there aren’t any new sites, unless a new poster goes up on my routine around town. Children and adults obviously age slightly all the time, and what trees we have grown, but the process is so slow that I don’t even recognize it happening.

Every once in a while, there are new people who buy their way into town – refugees from fallen cities with enough savings to contribute to our society. The Council looks over every case, scanning for aptitudes, doing background checks, in an effort to protect what we’ve built from anyone who would hurt it. I’m still amazed that the old Internet technology is online, considering all the dead zones in the world. Mother said that people used to use it day-to-day, but it is such a luxury that I never saw the point. If I want to watch old movies, I have Mother’s collect. If I want to see cats, the neighbours have three. Mother told me once that social networking used to be a big part of life, and that people would spend hours on the Internet reading and talking about each other. She and are really aren’t very much alike, as it turns out. Perhaps I really am just a child of a different era.

Speaking of old movies, I found one in the latest Mother stack called “Shaun of the Dead”. Just looking at the cover and reading the back, I know it must be on The Council’s banned list, but I think I’ll give it a go tonight. I’ll just make sure the curtains are drawn and no one will ever know. Besides, what harm could come from watching a twenty year old movie?



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